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Tech for your tan

Now that the sunny days have arrived, most of us are making the transition from our alluring winter vampire look to our radiant summer glow. We have to tread carefully though - too much sun and we risk possibly permanent skin damage.

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L’Oréal’s UV Sense is trnd’s new summer love. It's a tiny senor that fits on your thumb and measures how much sun you’re getting. Linked with an app that you record your skin type on, it can tell you when you’re catching too many rays. If you don’t like the sensor on your thumb, stick it on your watch or sunglasses.

Excessive UV exposure causes an estimates 86% of malignant melanoma cases in the UK and contributes greatly to those unwanted facial aging signs like fine lines and wrinkles, so the UV Sense from L’Oréal will not just help you to stay healthy and beautiful this summer but for every summer in the future.

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