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The secret to clean teeth is music

Teeth brushing time just got a whole lot better. No more chasing your kids down the hallway every morning and evening. No more dabbing a brush vaguely around your mouth for a few seconds.

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We should actually brush our teeth twice a day for two minutes at a time but most of us get bored and do a fairly half-baked job of it. Pearly whites, you say? More like yellow fangs! The Benjiamin Brush is going to change this for you and your kids by playing your favourite songs while you brush – genius!

But that’s not all. The brush is made from flexible silicone which protects tooth enamel, is hated by bacteria and can last for a whole year.

The device comes with two brushes: the Pom-Pom Brush which is round in shape and great for toddlers, and the Big Brush which is suitable for older kids and adults. The app helps you make a game out of it by measuring how often and for how long everyone in the family brushes their teeth.

@all What tunes would you brush your teeth to? A bit of Michael Jackson perhaps?

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