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A touching discovery

It's now possible to have touch interaction with almost any surface - not just our smart phones and tablets. Think of the possibilities.

Total votes84
Average 'on trnd' rating8

Proto Max

Christmas 2017 will go down in history as the year of the tech toy. Coding is BIG in kids’ toys and our personal favourite is Proto Max, the adorable pup whose personality your children can build.

Total votes156
Average 'on trnd' rating7

More scary crow than scarecrow

Whether you’ve just got back from your summer hols or they seem a lifetime ago now, one thing’s for sure, you would not want to bump into a flock of birds whilst you were mid-air.

Total votes127
Average 'on trnd' rating6

Hey Kuri

Home robots might seem like the stuff of science fiction films but they’re already a reality for some homes. Forget the scary devices that become sinsiter (we’ve all seen Blade Runner…), the adorable little Kuri is more Wall-e than iRobot and might even make your life a little easier.

Total votes161
Average 'on trnd' rating7

Soggy Doggy Doormat

The weather is officially on the turn. There are more rainy days and it’s already coat (if not quite hat and scarf) season. You might love or hate the wintery months but if you’ve got a dog, you’ll know that the increased rain means one thing: dirty pawprints!

Total votes177
Average 'on trnd' rating8

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