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The sleep number 360™

Insomnia. Most of us have had it at some point. 3am, brain ticking, sheets in a tangle, tossing and turning and continually checking the clock to see how long you’ve got until your alarm goes off. Ring any bells?

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Average 'on trnd' rating8

Flying Speakers

Ever wished your home speakers could fly? Okay, probably not but they’ll certainly make an interesting talking point next time you have friends around!

Total votes124
Average 'on trnd' rating7

The smart hairbrush

You probably own a smartphone, you might have a smart home system and you might even own a smart car but what do you think to a smart hairbrush?

Total votes229
Average 'on trnd' rating6

The Disney Bench

Ever wanted to sit and have a chat with an adorable Disney character? Well now you can!

Total votes149
Average 'on trnd' rating7

The Amabrush

According to dental experts, we should spend two minutes brushing at a medium intensity, ensuring that each tooth surface is covered. Put like that, are you confident that you’re doing it right?

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Average 'on trnd' rating7

The Natural Cycles app

I’m afraid this toptrnd might not be relevant for our entire audience (sorry fellas) but we thought it was interesting enough to cover anyway. This week, we’re talking all things contraception!

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