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Ever wished you were a witch or wizard? Even if just for those moving photographs that they have in the Harry Potter films the answer is almost definitely yes. Well, Prynt is bringing those to the Muggle world, sort of.

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Remember when people used to use a house phone to call each other (it was around about the time that Teletext existed!)? Then mobile phones came along and changed everything? If you’re more of a caller than a texter, more of a skyper than a whatsapper then the latest app might be right up your street.

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The BabyLook

Ever wished you could just ask your baby why it was crying? If you’re a new parent then the answer is almost definitely yes. Well, the BabyLook has arrived and it's designed to bridge the communication gap between parents and babies.

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The Translate One2One

Summer is officially here and, for the lucky ones amongst us, that means it’s almost time to pack our bags and jet off to more exotic climes. But, if you’re not bilingual (and, let’s face it, most of us aren’t) and you're worried about the language barrier then we’ve got just the thing.

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The Ori

Ever wished you had a bit more space in your home? Maybe you’ve already tried pushing the sofa to the very edge of the lounge to make way for a side table or maybe your bedroom doubles up as your office? If changing spaces are your thing then let us introduce Ori.

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