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The next generation of doorbell

Ever wished your doorbell could be a little more helpful? Probably not but that’s because you didn’t realise its capabilities until now. The new Ring is so much more than a mere doorbell!

Total votes433
Average 'on trnd' rating9

The My UV Patch

L’Oreal has entered the world of the future with a brand-new adhesive patch that measures your exposure to UV rays and lets you know when you’ve had enough sun!

Total votes348
Average 'on trnd' rating8

Fidget spinners

If you’ve spoken to a 7-year old in the last month then you’ll know exactly what this top trnd is, The Fidget Spinner.

Total votes302
Average 'on trnd' rating5

The Snug Rug

Supposedly, it’s nearly summer but as our British summers are unpredictable (to put it mildly), it’s always good to have a backup plan.

Total votes277
Average 'on trnd' rating8

The solar-powered beach bag

It might not feel like it but summer is on the way. Imagine long, lazy days at the beach, absorbing the sun’s rays and dipping into the sea to cool off.

Total votes216
Average 'on trnd' rating8

The CT band

Have you contemplated getting a smartwatch but can’t quite face losing your more-sophisticated-looking analogue face? If so, then the CT watch strap might be right up your street.

Total votes179
Average 'on trnd' rating7

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