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Canned Wine's Coming

It’s a common sight and a refreshing sound, perhaps we’re en route to the football or departing on our final commute home for a relaxing weekend… whatever the case, cracking open a can of beer is something many of us delight in.

A little while ago, G&T, Rum & Coke and other classic cocktails joined the club. Whilst these other drinkers have enjoyed the simplicity and accessibility of the humble can for ages, wine drinkers can finally rejoice as they too will have the option to enjoy their vino wherever they like, hassle-free.

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Amazon Dash

So we’re a little torn on this one. We get it, shopping for certain things can be a bit of a chore. Going out to stock up on more washing up liquid or toilet roll isn’t ever going to be as fun as heading off to treat yourself to some new shoes. But could Amazon’s new ‘dash button’ be taking things a little far?

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Exeter goes electric with Co-bikes

Move aside Boris, there’s a new bike on the block.

In a bid to get more people out on bikes throughout Exeter, co-bikes have launched a scheme where you can pick up an electric bike from one of a number of hubs throughout the city. The scheme is very similar to the Boris bike scheme set up in London, only they’ve injected some oomph by adding electric motors to help riders deal with those hilly climbs.

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