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Image source: pingpong

Bags made of bottles

The German-based label pingpong offers high-quality bags and backpacks made of fabrics that place particular emphasis on sustainability.

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Image source: wareable

Tech for your tan

Now that the sunny days have arrived, most of us are making the transition from our alluring winter vampire look to our radiant summer glow. We have to tread carefully though - too much sun and we risk possibly permanent skin damage.

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Superfood for your Skin

Recent years have seen the rise of superfoods, with items such as salmon and blueberries soaring in popularity. We’ve become obsessed with fuelling ourselves with the right nutrients, and rightly so! Now, beauty brands are coming forward with products that harness the goodness stored in these foods, helping our skin become healthier than ever.

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Functional Tattoos

Wearable tech is a hot topic right now in the world of digital innovation. Previously, the point where technology meets fashion has been well, umm... questionable - we're looking at you air conditioned work shirt!

For the moment, you can get your hands on watches, running shoes and even cuff-links that connect to your devices. It's all very impressive, but now, a new creation is looking to go one better.

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