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FAQs – answers to frequently asked questions.

We’ve put together answers to the most commonly asked questions from our members. Is something missing? Let us know via email, we’ll get back in touch right away and will update our list accordingly.

About trnd

What is trnd?

trnd marks the end of annoying adverts. It’s a new way of making good products, trends and services better known. Our members only select projects that are interesting to them, and then talk to their friends, families and others about the products – good old word of mouth. All optional, completely free, and full of fun!

I want to join in! What does it cost?

Nothing at all! Taking part in trnd projects is completely free.

After registering: what happens with my personal data?

Your personal data will only be used to find suitable projects for you to join in with. If you tell us you are only interested in books, electronics and car accessories, then we guarantee you that we won’t bore you with emails about opera tickets and health products.

If I become a member will I be spammed with lots of advertising?

No. We hate spam! With us you’ll see no banners, no pop-ups and no emails from companies trying to sell you something. You have our word! You’ll simply receive emails from us when you’re able to join in with new trnd projects or if there are updates to a project you’re already participating in.

Being a trnd member

As a trnd member, am I obligated to do anything?

Nope. You decide which trnd projects interest you. And for trnd projects where you are a project member, you also decide what and how much you do.

How much time do I need to invest as a trnd member?

Again, you can decide this for yourself. Being a trnd member doesn’t have to take up a lot of your time (although it can if you like!) and you’re talking about products that you are interested in anyway! Being a trnd member isn’t work, it’s fun!

What do I get for being a trnd member?

Firstly you’re helping to create something new and unique.

Secondly you’re one of very few people to have a direct link to the manufacturers and product designers.

Thirdly, you’ll get access to new products that often aren’t even available to buy in the shops. You can put new and exciting products and devices through their paces and often keep them afterwards.

Am I able to earn money as a trnd member?

No. Being a trnd member isn’t a job, but it is rather a lot of fun!


Is trnd a kind of promotional gift agency?

Completely the opposite! With us it’s not about purchasing your opinion by offering you cheap, tacky promotional gifts - it's about about honest word of mouth.

How do I de-register myself from trnd?

It’s just as easy as registering. Log into your trnd account and simply click on “Delete my profile” - you’ll automatically be taken off of the system and will no longer be a trnd member. We guarantee you’ll receive no further emails from us.

I have a suggestion for a cool product.

Cool! Share it with us. We’ll look into your suggestion – perhaps we’ll come into contact with the manufacturer and can turn it into a trnd project.