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When it comes to accelerating our blow drying, smooth and protect our hair from the heat, we are the experts.

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Our experiences can help others discover how they can blow dry their hair faster. Let's tell other shoppers what Batiste Blow Dry Accelerator can do for their hair and save loads of precious precious time.

trndster Carlyanita wrote about Batiste Blow Dry Accelerator in her review:

I have used this 5 times now and it’s awesome definitely speeds up hair drying time to 10 mins usually take around 20-30 my hair feels smooth and drys a lot straighter, it’s my new go to! And so easy to use!

trndster Smiley346 wrote in hers:

I can't believe i have gone through life without this! I was sceptical at first, the thought of something being able to speed up drying time, but I was shocked. It actually works and smells devine. My hair is also smoother as a result of using it. I thought it may be too harsh on my hair but I was completely wrong. The best product I've used in a very long time.

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