Brut and last-a-lifetime style

In a world where everything seems to get more expensive by the day, we want classic style that will outlive fashion fads and trends. Brut is an iconic fragrance that will smell just as fresh 20 years from now as it did 20 years ago. Check out some other lasting styles below.

Brut and last-a-lifetime style The navy blazer A classic wool blazer will never go out of style. Wear with a white shirt and a grey flannel trousers for modern style.

The Barbour jacket Heritage brands, or brands that have been around for over 100 years, will always be in style. A classic Barbour jacket will always look good. Throw on over jeans for the ultimate in weekend wear.

The Oxford brogue Perfect for any formal occasion, a pair of oxford brogues should you last you for years to come. A true style classic.

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