Would you like to test more Brut fragrances?

We're already in our final week with Brut Sport Style and the people behind the iconic brand have enjoyed reading everything we've had to say so far.

We have one final mission

We have one final and VERY IMPORTANT mission - to complete the Final Survey. It’s now live:

Update 22/8: The survey has now closed - thanks to everyone who got involved and shared their valuable opinions!

This is the ONE survey you do not want to miss.

The Final Survey is our chance to let the people behind the iconic brand know just how hard we've worked during these past four weeks and show them why they should work with us again!

We've got a feeling you’ve still got more to say, which is why the feedback channels will stay open for a couple more weeks.

@all: have you enjoy testing and spreading the word about the latest fragrance from Brut?