Spreading the word online

We’re almost at the end of our Brut project now and what a great couple of weeks it’s been so far.

Spreading the word online

The team at Brut have been really pleased with all of the feedback we’ve given but we think we can do even better!

We want to make sure that we’re spreading the word far and wide by leaving reviews online.

Share your online reviews of Brut here!

Perhaps you've written a review on your personal blog, on your Facebook or twitter page?! Wherever it may be, we’d love to see them! Just click the link above and paste the URL to your review - easy!

If you haven’t yet, then make sure you keep up with your fellow Brut teammates! Why not share a review on Amazon now. Just follow the link:

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If you’re not sure what to say, just think about whether you like the packaging, if the scent is great after a workout and anything else that comes to mind.

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