Our favourite features

The Lenovo Yoga Book really is the first of its kind. With its premium design, Halo keyboard and Create Pad, you could be forgiven for not quite getting to grips with all of its brilliant features right away but we want to make sure that you do!

Check out all the Yoga Book features

Lenovo have shared a useful step-by-step guide for us which should answer any questions we might have. Amongst other things it includes tips on:

  1. How to access the Halo Keyboard if it doesn’t light up right away

  2. How to quickly create a new page in note taker

  3. How to change your Real Pen tip

  4. How to multitask and use multiple apps

  5. How to draw like a pro!

We want to know which of the many functions of the Lenovo Yoga Book is your favourite. Do you love to draw? Is note taking a cinch? Or are you loving the Halo Keyboard?

@all: Which Yoga Book feature have you used most so far?