Our team in action

We've had so many great pics sent in we thought now is the perfect time to launch our Lenovo photo gallery. Now we want pics of things you've created!

Our gallery is live Visit the gallery to see more pics of our team - and remember to submit your drawings!

Click here to visit the gallery and see pics of our team. We want to keep filling up the gallery with your Yoga Book creations!

The Yoga Book is an illustrator’s dream, draw with one hand and select tools with the other so you can watch your drawings come to life on the screen in front of you without ever having to worry that your hand is in the way!

The create pad means that drawing is precise and comfortable and the stylus pen (with 2048 levels of pressure) means you can bring your creativity to life in style.

With all of these tools at your fingertips it means you can create some truly beautiful images and immediately save them digitally. We want you to upload your pics!

Screen shot your latest drawing (or creative-looking note taking session) and share it with the trnd community. The team at Lenovo absolutely love seeing how you’re getting on and we can’t wait to see your creativity in action.

Upload your Yoga Book drawings or notes, here!

@all: Have you been enjoying the create pad?