Invite your friends and family along for the journey.

How are you enjoying Ticket to Ride so far? Have you taken enough control over the railroads to impose your status of rail baron or baroness? Whether you achieved it or are still working on it, it’s time to invite your friends along for a ride.

We love how going digital allows us to play online against the #TTRFamily across the globe, but there’s nothing quite like playing against your friends, is there? 😊

Ticket to Ride Discover “Remote Play Together”

Steam offers you an excellent way to play with your friends for free: login to your Steam account, use the “Remote Play Together” feature and invite anyone to play from your Friends List!

Your friends just have to accept the invitation and away you go; you can play together. Click here for more information:

Head to Steam


Invite your friends and family to play with you!

Your #1 mission as a member of the Ticket to Ride team is to spread the word about the digital version of the game Ticket to Ride.

Take a screenshot of your game in action and share it on Facebook or Twitter. Tag your friends and your family and invite them to join the journey! Remember to include #TTRFamily in all your posts.

Once you're done, submit your URL links with the Online Reporting Tool and record your contribution to the project!

Submit your online reports

Have fun! 😊

Having trouble downloading the game with your digital key? Follow the guide!

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@all: How many of your friends will join you on your TTR journey?