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We’re into week three of our project and you’re fast becoming a TTR digital pro. You probably don’t want to give away all your secrets but this week, we’re challenging you to share your tips with TTR newbies.

Your #1 mission as part of this Ticket to Ride project is to share your gaming journey with your friends and followers. You’re obviously succeeding because we’re welcoming new #TTRFamily members every day. Now is your time to share your knowledge and help them get up to speed!

Ticket to Ride Ready to help the TTR community move forward? 😊

Each player has a different strategy and we are curious to find out what yours is!

• Do you go for the smaller tickets to safely generate points?
• Are you daringly aiming for the biggest tickets? High risk, high reward, right?
• Do you try to create a huge network to connect the most important hubs?

Whatever your tips are, share them on your social networks!

  1. Take a screenshot at the beginning of the game and explain what strategy you will use or what your next move be in the description.
  2. Did your strategy pay off? Share it in a second post and show your community how well your tactic works!
  3. You can also include your loved ones by asking them what their tips would be for a new player.
    And remember to always use the #TTRFamily hashtag. 😊

Get noticed!

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@all: What’s the number one tip you would give to a beginner?