Show us your gaming setup

Are you a serious gamer with a workspace which resembles that of a complex spacecraft? Or are you a more casual gamer with a simpler setup? There are as many gaming setups as there are gamers, so whatever yours looks like, we want to see it!

Ticket to Ride

What's your gaming setup like? Do you have a proper gaming chair, or do you sit on a squishy couch? Do you have high-spec gaming headphones, or do you simply use the in-built speakers?

Spotlight on your gaming setup!

Snap a shot of your game space with Ticket to Ride already loaded on your PC and share it on your social networks with the hashtag #TTRFamily. Upload a photo of your PC in action as well as all of the added extras that make your setup complete.

Don’t have the perfect setup yet? No problem. Share a picture of it during its evolution, and let your dreams run wild in the caption by sharing what changes or improvements you’d like to make.

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@all: Where's your favorite spot to get comfy while playing Ticket to Ride?