Welcome to Ticket to Ride!

Hello and welcome, we’re delighted to have you onboard. We’re Julie, Romain and Beatrice and we’re part of the team behind Ticket to Ride.

Ticket to Ride

Over the next four weeks, you’ll join 999 other trndsters and players who have downloaded the digital version of Ticket to Ride and will be challenging friends, followers and online adversaries to take to the railroads.

As part of this project, you will:

Create an account on the Asmodee website to play online.
Download Ticket to Ride from Steam using the key we provided you by email.
Experience the thrill of the railroads in this game of strategy and skill.
Join a thriving online community with tens of thousands of real-time opponents willing to play 24/7.
Chat with others as you play online.

Once you have downloaded the game, you’ll have four very important missions:

  1. Head to Facebook and Twitter and share your thoughts on Ticket to Ride with your friends and followers. Be sure to use the #TTRFamily hashtag every time you post online so we can follow all of your publications!

  2. Upload your social post’s URLs on this website so we can share them with the Ticket to Ride team.

  3. Leave a review on Steam to give your honest opinion and feedback.

  4. Complete the final survey.

And that's not all!

The 10 Ambassadors who share the most posts on Facebook and Twitter will have the chance to receive :

  • a Steam key for a loved one
  • two DLCs: Europe and USA 1910

Ready to get started? Then let’s go

We’ll be looking out for all of your social posts and can’t wait to hear what you think about the Ticket to Ride digital game.

See you on the blog! 😊

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