Competition Time

There’s a competition on the cards and the race for winner is hotting up… And there you were thinking that you weren’t getting any more treats from VS!

How to keep sharing the online coupons Only a select few were lucky enough to get the chance to master the VS salon technique and be part of a revolutionary movement in home hair colouring.

Thanks to all of our great feedback so far the folks at Vidal Sassoon Salonist want to share the stunning luminosity with even more women and have asked for our help in spreading the easy-to-share £3.00 online coupons.

It doesn't stop there - to make it a bit more fun we thought we'd combine this with a competition where you can win some great VS goodies.

It's simple: every time you share one of your digital coupons with your friends, it’s logged with us and then, when they share their coupons, that’s logged too. The hostess who manages to share the coupons the furthest, will win the prize – simple!

@all: Have your pals been enthusiastic about VS? Let us know what they’ve had to say!