Long-lasting colour

You’ve probably coloured your hair by now (and hopefully you love it!) so we thought we’d take a minute to get in touch with the experts and learn the best ways to take care of newly-coloured ‘do.

how to get long lasting colour with vidal sassoon salonist Global Style Director, Bruce Masefield, sees all sorts of common mistakes that people make when looking after coloured hair. We asked for advice and he was happy to tell us how we could avoid making simple mistakes after colouring with VS Salonist:

  1. Too much heated styling is a major issue. Try and let your hair dry naturally when you can, and when you do use the dryer, aim the nozzle down the hair shaft and use the cool shot to finish your style, as this minimises breakage and helps your colour look richer by reflecting the light.

  2. Like using the cool shot on the dryer, rinsing hair in colder water during washing also helps to flatten the cuticle and keep in the colour, as well as increasing shine.

  3. Once you’ve coloured your hair, avoid hot oil treatments as they can cause colour to lift and fade more quickly.

  4. Don’t colour too frequently. You only need to reapply VS Salonist every 4-6 weeks for your hair to retain its balance, and don’t forget to use VS Colour Preserving Conditioner to help maintain your new shade.

  5. Last but not least, don’t shampoo for two days after applying your new VS Salonist shade to avoid premature colour fade.

And there you have it, top tips from an expert for keeping your colour gorgeous and fresh.

@all: Do you have any tips for keeping your colour fresh?