We’re part of a movement!

As you know by now, the folks at Vidal Sassoon Salonist aren’t solely in the market of creating luminous hair dye that covers greys, they’re also looking to start a whole new way of colouring your hair – the home hair colour party.

We’re part of a movement with Vidal Sassoon Salonist The team at VS eventually want to roll this idea out to the rest of the country and you’re one of the very first people to be involved so your opinion really counts. What are your thoughts so far?

Trndster @Dips said: ‘I have already hosted one which was good fun, it was very exciting waiting to see how the colour would turn out on my friend. This time around it's my turn to have my hair coloured.'

What's been the reaction at your parties, is the VS Salonist home hair colour party, the newest and bestest way to colour hair?

We want to know what you think so far!

@all: Did you enjoy your home hair colour party experience?