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How does a trnd project work?
/ How does a trnd project work?

How does a trnd project work?

As a registered trnd member you have the chance to take part in lots of great projects. You – and you alone – decide what takes your fancy. It’s as easy as A-B-C, completely free and full of fun! Here’s how a trnd project works:

1. Invitation

Here at trnd we’re always on the lookout for cool new products - when we discover something we like, we set up a new project! We then carefully select the trnd members we think would be most interested and invite them to join in.

2. Decide if you want to join in

If you receive an invitation, then take a few moments to read through the project info to decide whether or not you want to be involved. Only apply for the projects that you really like the sound of. We want you to be enthusiastic, active, and most importantly – enjoy it!

3. Receive your kit

If your application was successful and you make it onto a project team, we’ll send you a project starter kit to get things going. This delightful package will often contain the product itself for you to try, minis to share as well as a detailed description of the project and loads of insider information that non-trnders are not privy to!

4. Your role

Your task is very simple: try out the product in real life. If you like the product, tell as many people as possible about your experiences and thus, help to make the product more popular! You’ll find this will come pretty naturally to you, plus its really rewarding too - imagine receiving a box full of beauty products that are not yet on the shelves - your friends will be desperate to get their hands on some and will no doubt want find out more about the project you're in too!

5. Your honest opinion is crucial

The most important thing to us (and the brands) is finding out what you and your friends really think. We would never ever try to influence your opinion. We’ll ask for your feedback on whether the product really does do what it says on the tin, your suggestions on how it could be improved and what your friends had to say. There are various feedback routes available to you such as conversation reports, posting your comments to the blog, leaving reviews, filling our surveys or sending us an email. We’ll be at the other end supporting you the whole way.

6. Your advantages

By taking part in a project you’re helping us to spread the word about the product and, in return for your input, you’ll get lots of lovely goodies! Most excitingly of all, you’ll receive access to super-exclusive products (often they’re not available to buy in the shops yet) as well as insider knowledge about the brand. The projects act as a direct link to the marketing departments of the various brands so you’ll have the chance to influence the product’s development. But most importantly – and this is backed up by what fellow trnd members said so far – you’ll have a whole heap of fun!

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