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007 For Women

The dangerously seductive scent

2000 participants
Beauty & Personal Care
03/02/2015 to 24/04/2015

007 for Women: Results

2,000 trndsters tested 007 for Women for 7 weeks. They then shared their experiences with their friends and families and reported back to us. Take a look at some of the results below:


of project team members would recommend 007 for Women - the dangerously seductive new fragrance - to their friends and family.

007 for Women Procter & Gamble
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    We both absolutely ADORED 007 for Women!... My partner came over and asked where the lovely scent in the room was coming from!

    We adored 007 for Women!

    My sister thought that the 007 for Women... packaging looked luxurious and was gagging to try it. I gave her one of the samples we both gasped as we took in the sensual smell. I told my boyfriend he would fall in love again with me if I tried the scent on tonight!

    Sensual smell


    I wore 007 for women when meeting friends... they all said how nice I smelt! One of my friends said it was a 'sweet and sexy' smell and another described it as 'sophisticated' This was at 2pm and I had sprayed the perfume at around 9.30am so was really surprised they could smell the perfume so well! This is great for me as a busy mum - I love when things are value for money and it's fantastic to know that I still smell great after a busy morning rushing about. Thumbs up!!

    Sexy smell!

    The 007 for Women scent is lovely, a nice... vanilla and musk undertone that doesn't overpower the blackberry and jasmine. It is a great scent I love to wear even after one week!

    Lovely scent

    Product Information

    The all new 007 for Women fragrance embodies the dangerously seductive nature of the Bond Woman.

    The Scent

    Dark yet feminine ingredients convey an air of thrilling intimacy. An initial burst of spicy black pepper enveloped in rose milk ignites an intriguing paradox of danger and sensuality. Alongside this, the instantly attractive, familiar fruity character of blackberry is combined with the feminine softness of white floral jasmine. The rich and sensual oriental signature is driven by black vanilla and tantalizing white musk, with a touch of elegant cedarwood.

    • Top: Bergamot, Black Pepper, Rose Milk
    • Heart: Blackberry, Gerdenia, Jasmine
    • Base: Black Vanilla, Cedarwood, White Musk

    The Bottle

    The reflective dark glass on the 007 for Women bottle is as smooth as silk yet deceptively sharp and mirrors the Bond Woman’s contradictory characteristics. The diamond-cut pattern signals an evolution from the texture of the original male ‘Signature’ bottle, taking in rounded, feminine cues, while the shapely collar of the bottle recalls a woman’s seductive décolleté and is marked with a contrasting rose gold trim.


    • 30ml, £25
    • 50ml, £30
    • 75ml, £40