Our Batiste barnets

We've had so many fab photos of everyone making their hair look great on the go - it's time to open the gallery!

Check out the gallery trndsters DutchChicken, Ellebelle89, and Ashleejane. Thanks so much for the great pics - check out more in the gallery!

We've been having a great time putting Batiste 2in1 Dry Shampoo & Conditioner to the test and snapping photos as we go. You can check out everyone's pics by clicking here

Got some snaps of you spreading the word? Or a before and after shot to show Batiste? Upload them here

Holly is absolutely thrilled with the project so far! Do make sure to collect your Spread the word sheets in, as we're in the last week of our project! The more we submit, the further we spread the word!

Upload your Spread the word sheets, here!

@all: Is Batiste 2in1 helping you look your best for those candid snaps?