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Thank you from Batiste!

Thanks so much for helping Batiste discover what real women think of their dry shampoo and conditioner. Let's make sure this project finishes on a high!

Thank you for your participation!

We've been trying Batiste's latest 2in1 Dry Shampoo and Conditioner for three weeks now, that makes us some of the most knowledgable people around on the product - the brand are keen to find out exactly what we think!

Take the final survey, here

Thank you, again for showing just why it's important for brands to work with us! You can still upload your photos and Spread the word sheets for another two weeks, so head over to your mytrnd area to submit as many Batiste opinions and moments as possible!

And remember, we can get in touch with Batiste directly using #Batiste2in1.

@all: What was your favourite part of our Batiste project?


Gorgeously soft hair on the go

We've heard the spiel - Batiste 2in1 Dry Shampoo & Conditioner instantly refreshes roots AND targets dryness. Now we want to hear from you! When has Batiste 2in1 helped you out?

Has Batiste 2in1 saved you when the girls call for an impromptu night out? Has Batiste 2in1 saved you when the girls call for an impromptu night out?
Let us know when you've been thankful to have Batiste 2in1 to hand!

When have you found Batiste 2in1 to be most helpful?

After the gym for a quick refresh!

64 votes, 8%

Before after work drinks, at the end of a long day!

84 votes, 11%

In the morning, to save some precious pre-work minutes!

492 votes, 62%

When the girls call up for an impromptu night out!

99 votes, 13%

A different time (let us know in a comment!)

51 votes, 6%

If you've spritzed your friends with Batiste 2in1 when you're rushing around, do collect in their Spread the word sheets and upload them here:

Upload your friends' "Spread the word" sheets, here

@all: When have you been thankful to have Batiste 2in1 to hand?


Our Batiste barnets

We've had so many fab photos of everyone making their hair look great on the go - it's time to open the gallery!

Check out the gallery trndsters DutchChicken, Ellebelle89, and Ashleejane. Thanks so much for the great pics - check out more in the gallery!

We've been having a great time putting Batiste 2in1 Dry Shampoo & Conditioner to the test and snapping photos as we go. You can check out everyone's pics by clicking here

Got some snaps of you spreading the word? Or a before and after shot to show Batiste? Upload them here

Holly is absolutely thrilled with the project so far! Do make sure to collect your Spread the word sheets in, as we're in the last week of our project! The more we submit, the further we spread the word!

Upload your Spread the word sheets, here!

@all: Is Batiste 2in1 helping you look your best for those candid snaps?


Our friends' thoughts

We've had a chance to feed back to the brand what we think of Batiste, but how are our buds' barnets taking to Batiste 2in1? Let's take a look!

What do our friends think? Caz68's friends giving Batiste 2in1 a go! Thanks for helping us make this project a success!

Included in your kit was a booklet of "Spread the word" sheets - do give these out to friends when you spritz them with Batiste so we can collect as many honest opinions for the folks behind the brand as possible! Here's what some of our team's friends are thinking so far:

Already tried it on some of my work colleagues and they love it, especially the smell!!! Every time I go into work they are asking to borrow it now so running very low on the travel size bottle. - trndster Lemonlicker

A friend who I gave the small can of Batiste to has very curly hair and she loves it, she's been spraying it on her hair then getting the hairdryer out then scrunch drying her hair and she's found this way works better than just spraying and leaving it. - trndster Nikki77

My daughter and I have very fine hair [...] and for our hair the product is way too rich [...] But it it was fantastic for some of my friends (one actually stole the bottle from me) ...especially with coloured hair, dry hair and heat treated hair, damaged hair. I also got a really good response from a friend with challenging hair (after chemotherapy) she loved the conditioning effect. - trndster Danish

Thanks so much for your comments and opinions! Once you've collected the research sheets do remember to tell us what your friends thought:

Submit your friends' "Spread the word" sheets, here!

@all: What hairtypes do your friends have? And how did they like Batiste 2in1?


Why the new way to spray?

We've been trialling Batiste 2in1 Dry Shampoo & Conditioner and following its directions to the letter - but why do we need to change how we use it?

We all know about the new way to spray by now, but if you're anything like us, you'll want to know why we need to change it up:

  • Shake the can - The clue's in the name, but Batiste 2in1 contains dry shampoo AND conditioner. This ensures you get a nice mix of both in your barnet!

  • Hold at arms length - This helps make sure you don't get any residue spoiling your locks!

  • Spray in a halo-like motion - This helps you go easy on the roots. Too much conditioner build up on your roots could make your hair look greasy, but spraying like this keeps you looking fresh!

  • Work through all the way to the ends - This step spreads the product evenly throughout your hair, helping to give it volume at the same time!

And that's why Batiste 2in1 comes complete with a new way to use it!

Are your friends seeing good results after applying Batiste 2in1 Dry Shampoo & Conditioner this way? Do let us know what they said in their Spread the word sheets:

Submit your friends' Spread the word sheets, here!

@all: Is the new way to spray helping your hair look its best on the go?