Our friends' thoughts

We've had a chance to feed back to the brand what we think of Batiste, but how are our buds' barnets taking to Batiste 2in1? Let's take a look!

What do our friends think? Caz68's friends giving Batiste 2in1 a go! Thanks for helping us make this project a success!

Included in your kit was a booklet of "Spread the word" sheets - do give these out to friends when you spritz them with Batiste so we can collect as many honest opinions for the folks behind the brand as possible! Here's what some of our team's friends are thinking so far:

Already tried it on some of my work colleagues and they love it, especially the smell!!! Every time I go into work they are asking to borrow it now so running very low on the travel size bottle. - trndster Lemonlicker

A friend who I gave the small can of Batiste to has very curly hair and she loves it, she's been spraying it on her hair then getting the hairdryer out then scrunch drying her hair and she's found this way works better than just spraying and leaving it. - trndster Nikki77

My daughter and I have very fine hair [...] and for our hair the product is way too rich [...] But it it was fantastic for some of my friends (one actually stole the bottle from me) ...especially with coloured hair, dry hair and heat treated hair, damaged hair. I also got a really good response from a friend with challenging hair (after chemotherapy) she loved the conditioning effect. - trndster Danish

Thanks so much for your comments and opinions! Once you've collected the research sheets do remember to tell us what your friends thought:

Submit your friends' "Spread the word" sheets, here!

@all: What hairtypes do your friends have? And how did they like Batiste 2in1?