Why the new way to spray?

We've been trialling Batiste 2in1 Dry Shampoo & Conditioner and following its directions to the letter - but why do we need to change how we use it?

We all know about the new way to spray by now, but if you're anything like us, you'll want to know why we need to change it up:

  • Shake the can - The clue's in the name, but Batiste 2in1 contains dry shampoo AND conditioner. This ensures you get a nice mix of both in your barnet!

  • Hold at arms length - This helps make sure you don't get any residue spoiling your locks!

  • Spray in a halo-like motion - This helps you go easy on the roots. Too much conditioner build up on your roots could make your hair look greasy, but spraying like this keeps you looking fresh!

  • Work through all the way to the ends - This step spreads the product evenly throughout your hair, helping to give it volume at the same time!

And that's why Batiste 2in1 comes complete with a new way to use it!

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