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Braun 100th Anniversary

Celebrating 100 years of Braun Design

We've joined the #BackstageWithBraun adn celebrated 100 years of Braun design.

Beauty & Personal Care
17/03/2021 to 01/07/2021

Celebrating 100 years of design with Braun

This year marks 100 years of Braun. That’s 100 years of functional, useful and built to last design. And, to celebrate this unique moment together, we’re running a project of a different kind.


In the last 100 years so much has changed, but the quality and craftmanship that goes into every single Braun product has stayed the same.

The last 100 years has seen huge developmental leaps in style, design and fashion. In that time, we’ve had the miniskirt, the Little Black Dress and the skinny jean. We’ve seen Art Deco, Scandi chic and minimalism. We’ve used cassettes, smartphones and home hubs. Which innovation has been your favourite?

These days, when it comes to design, we expect more. Yes, we want something to look good but we also want it to last. We want it to be accessible, durable and good for the planet while still fulfilling its purpose. A study run by Braun earlier this year revealed exactly that.

Is that too much to ask for? Braun think not.

As part of our #BackstageWithBraun project we:

  • revealed celebrity collaborations
  • attended virtual premiers
  • ran competitions
  • attended live design and virtual influencer workshops
  • and shared all sorts of fascinating insights into the world of design

Thank you very much & see you soon!


Parvezh Verified • 3 years ago

I love the design of Braun trimmer 9 in 1!

mhatiboglu Verified • 3 years ago

Braun 370, this model is special for me. Because this was my first Braun and was a gift from my father at High School time. I still remember it. So fantastic.

haroonrashid3 Verified • 3 years ago

Mine is the Braun HC5010 Hair Clipper in 9 Settings

Rosscarruthers • 3 years ago

simple and easy to use, form and function

Lilmiss Verified • 3 years ago

I would love to be given the chance to try a Braun, and find out what a great brand they are.

Chitt Verified • 3 years ago

Love this project xx

Fluffybunny78 Verified • 3 years ago

Easily the home entertainment system.. bringing music recorded or live into our homes. It lets us be free within the walls of life. It takes us away or deep roots a memory. It’s one of the greatest modern innovations in our life times. A Symphony of possibilities... literally.

Sputt Verified • 3 years ago

Gotta love my iron I’m a neat freak with fashion

Clarebear027 Verified • 3 years ago

sounds exiting can't wait!

Cs34 Verified • 3 years ago

My favourite design trend of the last 100 years are kitten heels. I love that they give you the feeling of having a heel on without being too high or huting your feet.

dtanganyika Verified • 3 years ago

Good to know there is new stuff from Braun. I had a Braun shaving machine about 15 years ago.

Speedy2019 Verified • 3 years ago

Braun is a brand that sells and they have been established for a long time. Love there products.

Ladyromana Verified • 3 years ago

Braun is well known brand would love to be chosen

apollo Verified • 3 years ago

braun is a trusted brand for me..and 100 years proves it... well done

CamdenBabe Verified • 3 years ago

For me as a visually impaired person the Walkman was a game changer. To be able to listen to music wherever I go was amazing and meant so much . It still does and with the internet progressing and smartphones taking its place I can engage and listen to audiobooks no matter where I am

Malula7890 Verified • 3 years ago

I am excited to be possibly a part of this innovative Braun 💯 yrs unique moment ! To have collaboration with a designer is amazing and watching the video the Chrome wall unit is amazing !! It’s functional with a purpose and a design dream ! My husband and son use a Braun shaver and I have a hairdryer . Designed to last a great brand would love to be chosen !!

Qudsiyajay Verified • 3 years ago

I trust Braun brand when it comes to buy Epilators. I have been using it epilator for 3 years and i never regret buying it

Shirleyvalentine • 3 years ago

My lady shave it’s awesome

amber63 • 3 years ago

I have a epilator that was a gift from my husband, great invention, I must have had it for 15 years if not more, it's still great to use, great value for your money. I also have a lady shave and I bought my daughter one. Husband has had a few shavers over the years, we love Braun great designs and fantastic useful items to have.

aspronnie Verified • 3 years ago

Art Deco has to be my favourite. From the bright colours to the Crystal chandeliers - it’s functional but interesting.

survivor Verified • 3 years ago

My braun hair dryer as my hair was thick and long.Also my epilator that I just love. Congratulations on 100 years of reliable, good quality braun products.

Ben6987 Verified • 3 years ago

My Braun shaver gets a shout out every week as a part of my Saturday trim
Couldn’t live without it x

Raluca89 Verified • 3 years ago

I love IPL shaver it's the best product

Julz76 Verified • 3 years ago

The greatest design trend in the last 100 years has to be the smart technology that has arrived and being updated all the time, making life a lot easier

Mashuljkin Verified • 3 years ago

Braun Silk-epil 9 epilator is The One and Only! 😍

YvonneH Verified • 3 years ago

Super excited for the Virgil / Braun collab - timeless pieces such as the braun all in one trimmer have helped people like my dad withstand the test of time and kept him looking fresh and young over the years!

DanTester • 3 years ago

Ready to go 👍🏻

Miak Verified • 3 years ago

Braun has been around a long time still have my curling tongs fantastic brand.
Its also a good trusted brand.

Barcsik.anita Verified • 3 years ago

I would love to be a part of this as I am currently studying innovation and product design so it would be super interesting for me and get extra insight into my studies. Sustainability is a topic I really care for and actively seeking opportunities to make my community more environmentally conscious.

alicadir Verified • 3 years ago

Love contemporary high tech design. Architecture and design is always interlinked to serve purpose and beauty simultaneously. Cannot wait for what's to come, super excited!

Hazel Verified • 3 years ago

My husband bought me a Braun Ladyshave almost 30 years ago. It's still as good as new and I use it it at least once a week.

Anji36 Verified • 3 years ago

I love Braun especially my ladies shaver 😍 it's just totally perfect. I would love to know new designs and what's coming next from brain.

joebro2020 Verified • 3 years ago

I Love All Braun Products but after doing a huge amount of homework I ended up with the Braun 360 Complete 8895, as my first foil electric shaver, with the clean and renew system.

We'll all I can say is that I still have it since buying it in Aug 2007 and that it's still working away as when I brought it hence why it was expensive!

14 years is a long time but it the design, build and quality one pays for in a product.

inkiesquid Verified • 3 years ago

I got to trial a Braun Series 9 9095 w/d way back in time and was very impressed - so much so that I bought another one as a gift for my father-in-law

julia.caturova Verified • 3 years ago

Well, the last 100 years have been a massive change in terms of product development, design, and technology. I am definitely grateful for such trends as wireless technology, durable and sustainable materials, improved battery time and waterproof features.

Larahop Verified • 3 years ago

We had the Braun hand blender in are kitchen for years was a fantastic bit of kit that lasted a long time and worked well. The design and look of equipment is not important to us however white things do really show up the dirt and look not very nice quicker. We look for things that are easy to clean sustainable and stand the test of time.

Spiceysam33 Verified • 3 years ago

Braun have just got so many products from Hair and beauty care to other electrical products and they are really going out there for this day and age!

Missiey2k Verified • 3 years ago

Braun clippers are amazing. As a hairdresser I use them daily and they are the only clippers I use.

Louigi Verified • 3 years ago

Lycra. What a fabulous way to
Make legs look amazing

Ania93 Verified • 3 years ago

Amazing 🥰

PICKMELENOR Verified • 3 years ago

It's never too late to realise you've been using the wrong brand - Hello Braun!!

STEPHEN1967 Verified • 3 years ago

It has to be my BRAUN S9 wet & dry shaver, the versatility of this shaver is perfect for me and has never let me down.

Chitt Verified • 3 years ago

I remember my 1st Braun epilator I received as a gift after I managed to get into University. I can't remember the model, but I still have it at my parents' house. Sweet memories :)

Dee Verified • 3 years ago

Looks good, feels good, easy to use, lightweight, good price, quality and longevity!

omendata Verified • 3 years ago

What Braun need to do is bring out something like THE BAKBLADE for us guys who like to do a full Back Sack and Crack shave - trying to shave yer back with an ordinary razor is a nightmare and always leaves those two hairy patches under the shoulderblades, I shall refrain from mentioning CRACK and SACK but you get the drift - the number of gadgets and blades you can add to a razor is almost at an end but an extension handle or electric back groomer would be most welcome by us bodybuilders who need a completely hair free Bod!

daisypetal Verified • 3 years ago

I've had a Braun Multiprac and a hairdryer that I've had for donkeys ears and they are just as good now as when I bought them.Both in excellent working order - built to last! - Can't go wrong

Amra Verified • 3 years ago

I have Silk epil 5 Corded Epilator and it is amazing .

shevvy Verified • 3 years ago

braun is innovative

martvanE • 3 years ago

Braun for money

Boofles Verified • 3 years ago

Braun is not only made of high quality and trendy but also amazing value...love to see these new products!