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Braun 100th Anniversary

Celebrating 100 years of Braun Design

We've joined the #BackstageWithBraun adn celebrated 100 years of Braun design.

Beauty & Personal Care
17/03/2021 to 01/07/2021

Celebrating 100 years of design with Braun

This year marks 100 years of Braun. That’s 100 years of functional, useful and built to last design. And, to celebrate this unique moment together, we’re running a project of a different kind.


In the last 100 years so much has changed, but the quality and craftmanship that goes into every single Braun product has stayed the same.

The last 100 years has seen huge developmental leaps in style, design and fashion. In that time, we’ve had the miniskirt, the Little Black Dress and the skinny jean. We’ve seen Art Deco, Scandi chic and minimalism. We’ve used cassettes, smartphones and home hubs. Which innovation has been your favourite?

These days, when it comes to design, we expect more. Yes, we want something to look good but we also want it to last. We want it to be accessible, durable and good for the planet while still fulfilling its purpose. A study run by Braun earlier this year revealed exactly that.

Is that too much to ask for? Braun think not.

As part of our #BackstageWithBraun project we:

  • revealed celebrity collaborations
  • attended virtual premiers
  • ran competitions
  • attended live design and virtual influencer workshops
  • and shared all sorts of fascinating insights into the world of design

Thank you very much & see you soon!


Boofles Verified • 1 year ago

Braun is not only made of high quality and trendy but also amazing value...love to see these new products!

Karmo Verified • 1 year ago

Well done Braun 100 years😀

Anji36 Verified • 1 year ago

Amazing 👏 well done xx

TinkaMalinka Verified • 1 year ago

I love my Braun products...
Great design and reliability never goes out of style 🥰

ErikaGZ Verified • 1 year ago

Well done

EmReview Verified • 1 year ago

Fantastic achievement 100 years! Fab products that last long. My favourite design trend is using nature as an inspiration through architecture and projects, still learning new things!

AlisonBarbara Verified • 1 year ago

Congratulations - a great achievement . i have always loved using Braun shavers for ladies.

gio • 1 year ago

Thank you for sharing, One great product real value for money.

sue-uk Verified • 1 year ago

Congratulations on 100 years of amazing products!! Can't wait to see what happens next !

huja Verified • 1 year ago

Congratulations on 100 years of best products. I love Braun products and regularly use them.

Lucky73 Verified • 1 year ago

Wow congratulations 100 years and still doing great. I love Braun products.

pedro200933 Verified • 1 year ago

I loved my Braun electric shaver as it was built with quality materials and loved the cooling bar technology, Thank you Braun I hope to celebrate with you on a project soon all the best everyone stay safe , all the best Paul

LisaBooBoo Verified • 1 year ago

I remember the very first lady shave I owned when I was about 16, I was so excited to own one of these as none of my class mates at school had one, the very first time I used it I don't think I did it very well and I cut my skin, it took a few attempts to get it right but when I did it was great, it stood the test of time too I had it until I was 30 when it finally gave up the ghost, a true gem, I just love Braun.

Clairemaria82 Verified • 1 year ago

Thankyou for making great products there well designed and you have some great products available to buy great price and high quality thankyou for sharing and bringing back memories of Braun congratulations on 100 years of great products

Queenvic Verified • 1 year ago

Fantastic achievement from a tried and tested brand!

Bazz123 • 1 year ago

Thanks for your excellent product performance and value 😁

meoome Verified • 1 year ago

Did anyone watch the live thing hey were doing it wouldn't let me sign up the other day hope there's another soon

Annemac Verified • 1 year ago

Well done to Braun, I love my Braun products and their customer service team will gladly help with any questions you may have. It's no wonder they've reached this milestone. Congratulations.

BernieMurph Verified • 1 year ago

Well done Braun, they are a great brand and produce fantastic products :)

Srathore Verified • 1 year ago

Well done Braun. Amazing milestone

pedro200933 Verified • 1 year ago

Have I just made the cool @Braun Trend backstage project really hope I have as its says I'm in anyone got any advice please

Clairemudd • 1 year ago

Well done @Braun

selondonman Verified • 1 year ago

great products

meoome Verified • 1 year ago

Wouldn't mind the shaver for my other half to test out he doesn't own any braun items yet he always goes for cheap basic items then questions why things break... if only he was as smart as me going for proper items that work well and last ha! Let's prove it to him

hanickapeconkova • 1 year ago

Would love to be on this project😊

genii114 • 1 year ago


petepurple2 • 1 year ago

they're okay

Cloughy • 11 months ago

Yes would love to be in the project

malkhan • 10 months ago

count me in

Wendy132 • 10 months ago

Trusted name that has been around for a long time, well done.

Juanjo1999 • 10 months ago

Super 100 añossss

midgered Verified • 9 months ago

great product range quality goods at reasonable prices

Missb29x Verified • 7 months ago

Being a mum you learn what products are right for you and your family and I would say I really trust Braun so I highly recommend

Manfishcake • 7 months ago

Braun is just a name we trust.

Claurai Verified • 7 months ago

When you say Braun you say love care and quality ❤️

blessinga • 6 months ago

Love Braun and all their epilators, works a treat for at home hair removal :)

Raven7 • 6 months ago

Absolutely love Braun have a household filled with them great quality great products!😍

PeteHolland • 6 months ago

Well done @Braun

cloudthecat • 6 months ago

From a sensitive skin electronic competitor razor .......Well done! @Braun

Mayb01 • 6 months ago

Absolutely love braun. Great quality great price. Well done Braun x

Anouska3 Verified • 6 months ago

I love BRaun ❤️ Well done

Shelly66 • 6 months ago

Love Braun products well done 100 years

ladylemon14 • 5 months ago

Love braun products count me in

Cvaughan • 4 months ago

Wow, I can’t believe Braun have been around for 100 years :)

viperphilip • 1 month ago

i got conned as the link said free razor and sign up ? i sign up .....no free anything except u got all my details for free ???? big con and crappy site ......should have knownm it was to good to be true .....

haravhagaon770 • 24 days ago

iv been using braun the last 3 years and i gotta say it is both the most comfortable and close shave of any shaver i used plus it has a long battery life and is waterproof i think it is one of the best