Final drift, then we’re off the road!

Get ready for the grand finale of our California Scents project - cruising towards #SoCalFreshness feeling! Now, as we approach the finish line, let's gear up for the Final Survey and take California Scents to new heights together.

Final drift, then we’re off the road! These fantastic snaps left us in awe! Thanks trndsters!


Before we hit the brakes...

...let's take a moment to show some love and gratitude. A big thank you for being a part of this exciting project! Your fabulous content and enthusiasm throughout this adventure have made a real difference, and we couldn't have done it without you.

Your final mission

We've come so far, and now it's your turn to shine! Share your valuable and honest feedback with the brand directly. Your thoughts and suggestions about the new California Scents® car air fresheners are essential, and we want your voice to be heard loud and clear!


Race to the finale! 🏁

Time's ticking, but you've still got a chance to showcase your photos and share the excitement about the new California Scents® car air fresheners. Don't let this opportunity pass you by! The 10 best posts from this project will be rewarded with an Ultimate Car Care bundle, so make sure to report all your posts via your project dashboard. Simply click on the links below and submit those unseen pics...


Throughout the project, every minute has been an absolute delight, and we've been blown away by your incredible social shares - we bet it's going to be hard to pick just 10 from hundreds!

We'll be back soon to announce the winners, so keep an eye out for updates and get ready for more thrilling adventures ahead!

@all: Did California Scents add fun to your every drive?