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California Scents

California Scents

500 trndsters are testing #CaliforniaScents car air freshener that infuses Fun in Every Drive!

500 participants
Household Cleaning
16/06/2023 to 24/08/2023

Unleash the adventure and spirit of California in your ride! 🌴

Imagine hitting the open roads as vibrant blue Pacific waters stretch endlessly to your right and the rugged terrain of Nevada looms ahead! What a joyride it truly is – driving through California is an incredible experience you surely don’t want to miss out on! Now what if we tell you that you could sense the unmatched freedom and adventure right from your cars? Intrigued?

California Scents

Introducing California Scents® - car air fresheners that unleash the adventure and spirit of California right into your ride!

California Scents® car air fresheners transform your car and your mood with powerful scents that instantly deliver the fun energy that only comes from California. Be it the tropical winds of Coronado or towering woods of the Alpine County – California Scents® car air fresheners pack a punch for every adventure so you can go anywhere boldly! 🚗

Bold, intense scent that lasts up to 45 days*

🚗 Easy-to-use vial that hangs easily on your windscreen mirror

🏝 California-inspired design – fresh & modern to suit all vehicles

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Drift right on to infuse the #SoCalFreshness in your ride…

As members of the California Scents® team, you will...

...try out California Scents® car air fresheners in your car

...take to social and let our friends and followers know all about the #SoCalFreshness

...chat to friends and family about our new favourite car freshener and share our samples

...give our feedback directly to the California Scents® team

Your starter kit will contain…

  • 1x California Scents® Hanging Vial to freshen up your ride
  • 4x California Scents® Palm Paper for your friends to try
  • A welcome letter

Hurry! This project is going to be super fun so get your application is as soon as possible to be in with a chance of making the team. 👯‍♀️

Interested? Then apply now!

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@all: Why you would like to take part in this project with California Scents®?

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Gouki Verified • 11 months ago

I've forwarded this onto a friend to join and apply, she spends a decent amount of time in a car.

carinamillis Verified • 11 months ago

I'm an ideal candidate for your car air freshener trial and review. Passionate car enthusiast, detail-oriented, effective communicator. Active Instagram reviewer, reaching wide audience for brand exposure. 👍🏻

abofai Verified • 11 months ago

My car needs some nice scented air fresheners to get rid of the bad odour from cigarettes

Shawker14 Verified • 11 months ago

You want a whole grid post on Instagram for only 1 air fresher is this correct?

simo3945 Verified • 11 months ago

YES PLEASE - My car stinks of smoke, i really need this car air freshener to test and review

Asu78 Verified • 11 months ago

I have heard very positive things about this product, and wanted to try these California scents car air freshener, Hopefully i get selected

fezab Verified • 11 months ago

Very exciting project 👍🏻 i hope i get picked this time 👍🏻 Love California Scents for my car

Adamo Verified • 11 months ago

This looks like a fun and exciting project, i'll be taking a few short trips around the same time too so hopefully i get picked for this one 🤞🏼 Best of luck everyone 🍀

Lisa35 Verified • 11 months ago

Yes please love to try

lorka Verified • 11 months ago

Would love to try this - spend a lot of time in my car 🚙

Yuliet Verified • 11 months ago

Será un proyecto súper emocionante… me encanta estar probando productos novedosos, ya q hay muy buenos, pero al tener poco conocimiento d ellos, aveces no nos atrevemos a comprar …

IrishQueenie43 • 11 months ago

Would so love to try this awesome car freshener scent

zaneera Verified • 10 months ago

Would love to try 🤞

Airheadange Verified • 10 months ago

I have a hubby and a doggie so need something to counteract their special scent 😂😂

xblondynkax • 10 months ago

Would love to try ❤️ My car as well 😂

Airheadange Verified • 10 months ago

This is a scentsational project !

lynnr19 Verified • 10 months ago

I’d love to try these.I spend a lot of time in my car.If there’s one thing that’s a must it’s a great smelling car.It’s like my second home.Thank you

Leannecbdt Verified • 10 months ago

I really hope I'm chosen for this project. I spend a lot of time in my car and I'm always on the look out for the next best car fragrance!

pp16200 • 10 months ago

I need something to mask the lingering unpleasant odours during the summer months.

Boos_Mum Verified • 10 months ago

I live on wheels!! I drive every day and also use a work van too, so I'm both always on the move in a vehicle and very much in need of something to freshen up my inside spaces - there's too much lunchbox, snacks and drinks stinks in my vehicles :)

Would love to trial the California Scents - as wouldn't mind a trip to California (if only through scent...)

Thank you!

Evs1234 Verified • 10 months ago

I'm in the car everyday I would love a nice sented airfreshner that would last and smell lovely, for a fresh smelling car.

SophieAliceMarsden Verified • 10 months ago

Ooh just got a email I’m
So excited to be part of this! My car is so old and always smells old can’t wait for it to smell fresh ❤️❤️

Nikki77 Verified • 10 months ago

Thank you for letting me be part of the team #californiascents

Treacle83 Verified • 10 months ago

Thank you for picking me to test the product, can’t wait to get it in my car

Beatrice_xo Verified • 10 months ago

Couldn’t wait to try these out ☺️ and I was not wrong these smell amazing! Already handed one to friend and we think these are the best air freshener we’ve had. As I feel some airfreshners you done get that long lasting scent but with these you do 🥰 definitely be getting more.