Share Your #SoCalFreshness Scenic Views and Win Big! 🌴🚗

This week has certainly been a refreshing ride with #CaliforniaScents! We saw some really good posts popping up on socials and to take things further, we want to break the big news to you! We're looking for the TOP 10 #SoCalFreshness posts to take home the Ultimate Car Care bundle! 🎁

Share Your #SoCalFreshness Scenic Views and Win Big! Thanks for the snaps trndsters!

The #CaliforniaScents Photo Challenge 📸✨

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the #SoCalFreshness and share your amazing adventures with us? We're on the lookout for your best scenic views captured through your car windscreen. Let the breathtaking landscapes, stunning cityscapes, and mesmerizing countryside views be the backdrop for your California Scents journey.

What's in it for you? 🏆

We know you're wondering about the prize! Well, here it is – we have not one, not two, but TEN Ultimate car care bundles up for grabs! Each bundle is packed with fantastic car care essentials that will keep your ride in tip-top shape, ensuring it's as fresh as your California Scents experience.

We're excited to see your creativity shine through...

And here's what we're looking for in the winning posts:

Scenic Beauty

Scenic Beauty: Capture the natural beauty and charm of your surroundings through your windscreen. From majestic mountains to serene coastlines, let nature take center stage.


Composition: Pay attention to composition and framing. Play with angles to capture the full essence of the view while ensuring the California Scents Vanilla Paradise Hanging Vial is elegantly visible.


Lighting: Embrace the magic of natural lighting. Capture the sunrises and sunsets, and let the golden hour enhance the beauty of your photos. Make sure the California Scents Hanging Vial is well lit though, so it remains as the focus!


Creativity: Get creative with your shots! Experiment with different perspectives and settings to make your posts stand out and share genuine moments that reflect your unique #SoCalFreshness journey.

Last but not least...

Don't forget to use hashtags: #ad, #SoCalFreshness, #CaliforniaScents, #trndproject, and tag @trnduk to ensure your entry to win! Once you've captured your scenic views, don't forget to share your URLs and screenshots with us using our Report Tools.

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Let's hit the road and make unforgettable memories!

@all: Are you loving the freshness of California Scents?