A boost of healthy vitality

It's clear that our amazing team of trndsters cherish seeing their furry friend enjoying life and expressing their individual character and quirks. Giving them high-quality nutrition that supports their healthy vitality bring us a lot of joy. So, let's recap about how IAMS for Vitality supports the 7 signs of healthy vitality.

  • 7 signs of vitality for cats

    7 signs of vitality for cats

  • 7 signs of vitality for dogs

    7 signs of vitality for dogs

Don't forget about the other healthy features of IAMS for Vitality:

  • Weat free recipes*
  • High levels of protein (up to 85% protein for dogs**, up to 91% animal protein for cats**)
  • With no fillers, artificial colours, flavours or GMOs

Tell your friends about some of these features as you hand out samples. Let us know of their opinions by uploading the completed 'Spread the word' sheets.

@all: Are you noticing in your pets the benifits of IAMS for Vitality's high quality nutrition?

*Produced in a factory that handles weat
**Out of total protient