IAMS are loving our activity

Our amazing team of trndsters have been spreading the word about IAMS for Vitality by handing our samples and reviewing online. Check out some examples of the activity from our project team.

Online Reviews

Share your impressions too!

Find the links to the iams.co.uk review pages for each variant in your member area and place your personal review. You can even add images and videos, to show off your happy pet pals.

Submit 'Spread the word' sheets

After sharing samples, coupons and 'Spread the word' sheets, collect your friends' impressions and send their feedback to Kellie and the team at IAMS. Their opinions are also valuable and a key activity for all trndsters.

Upload 'Spread the word' sheets

@all: Tell us how you are being an active trndster on our project with IAMS for Vitality.