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We have more experience and knowledge of IAMS for Vitality than most, so we are the perfect ones to be placing some of the first online reviews. Let's help fellow pet parents to have all the info they need when looking for the right food for their cats and dogs.

IAMS for Vitality

This is one of our most important trndster activities on this project with IAMS for Vitality so let's get reviewing!

Here's how to write your review

  1. Find the links for the different IAMS for Vitality products by visiting your member area
  2. Click on the link of the product your pet tested the most and share your experience
  3. IAMS will email you a link to your review once it's published
  4. Send us the link to your review via the online report tool (IAMS will send you the link to your review once it has been published)

@all: How many stars did you give IAMS for Vitality in your review?