Your friends' opinions matter too!

Kellie and the team at IAMS wanted to give us the possibility to share our experience of IAMS for Vitality with our friends and family who are also loving pet parents - that's why they were so generous with the starter kit they shared with us.

trnsters sharing their IAMS for Vitality Thanks to trndsters Mrscities,, and Beckyandco for sending in these pics

Our amazing team of trndsters have been busy handing out samples, coupons, and 'Spread the word' sheets to lucky friends. Many have written in to say that the first try of IAMS for Vitality was a total hit with their friends.

Upload your friends' opinions

Now is the time to start collecting the 'Spread the word' sheets from our friends and upload them.

Upload 'Spread the word' sheet

IAMS love to know that pets around the UK are happy, healthy and full of vitality - and by submitting 'Spread the word' sheets, we can communicate directly with Kellie and the IAMS team.

Share your experience online

Continue to share your experience online with #IAMSforVitality and @iams_uk1.

Check out the pic that trndster Caddy sent in of her outstanding sharing prep work:

trnder Caddy

@all: What have your friends been saying about IAMS for Vitality?