Normalising periods and spreading the word

Most of you have now had the chance to try on your new pair of intimawear by Bodyform™ pants, and we can see from the comments, that many of you are new to period pants!

Period pants have been around for a while, yet many women are still not familiar with them. Now that you have your very own pair, you have the opportunity to tell your friends about this amazing and comfortable period care product.

Why not help your friends out by sending the following video, along with the FLOWWITHTRND10 coupon code, so that they can enjoy 10% off their pair at

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Share to help others

You might find it difficult to start a conversation about period products, and your friends might feel the same. Period-talk has come a long way over the past few years; however, we still have some work to do on this front.

Every conversation we broach brings us a step closer to normalising period-chat. Think about all the women you could help stop feeling shameful about something so natural and normal. By introducing your friends to these brand-new period pants, you can not only break taboos but also help them discover new ways of owning their flow!

How to share online

Share an Instagram Story with the coupon code simply by taking a photo of the handbook where the coupon code is, or using the following template.

@all: Who are you going to talk to about intimawear by Bodyform™?