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intimawear by Bodyform™

Pants that let your body flow.

500 participants
Beauty & Personal Care
15/02/2021 to 16/04/2021

New intimawear by Bodyform™ trnd project

This time we are teaming up with Bodyform, and bringing you a very exciting project! You might have heard of period pants before and may have wanted to try them for a long time. Well, the time is here to be one of the first to try intimawear by Bodyform™, a new absorbent and washable underwear that will let your body flow!

We, who menstruate, have been using a variety of different products to get us through our periods. Add-ons can be a great, reliable way of feeling confident and secure during our period, but what if we told you, all you need is underwear?

Ready To Wear Ready To Bleed

With intimawear by Bodyform™, you can feel the freedom of popping on a pair of comfortable underwear (and nothing else) then letting your body do its thing. With its Tritech technology, intimawear by Bodyform™ is designed to keep you feeling secure and confident, so you can be ready for whatever life (and your uterus) throws at you!

intimawear by Bodyform™ - Let your body flow

Our goal

We are calling you to join the movement and encourage others to talk freely about their natural bodily fluids. Bleeding is normal; periods are beautiful and messy at the same time. One thing’s for sure, they are unique! So, let’s test the new intimawear by Bodyform™ pants and own our flow! Be one of the 500 lucky participants who will bleed, test and review these amazing new period pants.

Your to-do list:

  • Apply for the intimawear by Bodyform™ project on trnd.co.uk
  • Wait for your period to come and test the intimawear by Bodyform™ pants
  • Share the coupon code with your friends and family so they can get their own pair with 10% off
  • Share your pictures on social media channels with the following hashtags: #intimawearbybodyform, #letyourbodyflow, #trndproject, #gifted and don’t forget to tag @bodyformuk and @trnduk
  • Write a review and tell your honest opinion about the intimawear by Bodyform™ pants
  • Fill out the final survey

Your Starter kit

  • 1x pair of intimawear by Bodyform™ pants
  • 1x coupon code you can share with your friends
  • A trnd insider’s guide full of VIP information and handy tips

The application for this project is closed.


Scousegemz Verified • 3 years ago

Really looking forward to these, more so if i get picked, game changer!!

Cocoastacie Verified • 3 years ago

Can't wait to try these

Little_324 Verified • 3 years ago

Super excited to see if these actually work !

OnlineDream Verified • 3 years ago

I am looking forward to try these to see if they provide carefree nights ... as I gets disturbed while sleeping with my current products.

Mrscsoon2be17 Verified • 3 years ago

I would love to see if I can have full protection wearing these. It would be amazing if I can have a full night's sleep without being disturbed.

Bobi84 Verified • 3 years ago

I would love to try them!

Nazma123 Verified • 3 years ago

Can't wait to try the ultimate comfort that all women need.

C_jobling@Hotmail.com Verified • 3 years ago

I'm looking forward to trying these, they seem eco friendly, just hope they are as good as they say they are :)

Saraww Verified • 3 years ago

I'm looking forward to trying these out. I have tried a few different period products such as reusable cups and fabric pads which I have liked but nothing I've LOVED. I've been wanting to try period pants out for quite some time so hopefully I'll get picked!

Poppypunto Verified • 3 years ago

Can't wait to see what people think of these & find out how good they are & how well they work. If they work well it will make life so much easier.

meoome Verified • 3 years ago

Would have been better with 2 pairs so we could wash and wear but im super excited x

meoome Verified • 3 years ago

Does it matter which washing powder you use? Do you wash separate to clothes?

Gege • 3 years ago

Very interested in this new intimawear by Bodyform™ pants, I saw advert for this style of new periods protection but is not sure it will work.
Would like to try/share the code/give my feedback.
Our planet needs these kind of things to recover from all the rubish we generate each day. Amazing project😉

Dee79 Verified • 3 years ago

Never tried period pants before, I have heard of them but never seen them. I'm hoping to be chosen to trial these.

Lilly65 Verified • 3 years ago

Iv never even heard of a period pants! I would so like to try these. I suffer from pso so I regularly have heavy periods. I’m dubious if these will “work” and would love to have the opportunity to try them out. Reusable too so seems like nothing negative about this product??!?

sandra.bell • 3 years ago

I’d love to trial these , such a new and exciting product!

christina19 Verified • 3 years ago

I’ve always had heavy periods and get through a lot of pads so these would be a game changer! Also a fan of the sustainable aspect of them too

clairekeeton Verified • 3 years ago

So intrigued as to how well they work. I hope they’re one of those products that you discover and then couldn’t live without!

joanned Verified • 3 years ago

Hope I make the team, would love to try these out🤞🏻 xx

saragill31 Verified • 3 years ago

Fingers crossed I really would love to try this new product. I am currently using another brand that is going to be great to try different products so I can do my comparison.

Paulich Verified • 3 years ago

I'm looking forward to participating in this super project :)

Jemma1993 • 3 years ago

I would love to be a part off this project I can only use your product as I am allergic to mostly all off diffrent brands thank you

Famgirl Verified • 3 years ago

Ohh fingers crossed

Nims Verified • 3 years ago

Such an amazing campaign & the product itself seems like a real game changer. Hope to get chosen🙂 waiting eagerly.

Estherella1 Verified • 3 years ago

Hope to try these as I have been wanting to try eco friendly ways to reduce waste with tampons and pads.

Amz89 Verified • 3 years ago

Just got an email about these! They look good!

Stardust13 Verified • 3 years ago

Being plus size and long term sufferer of lichen sclerosus it’s always hard to find right period product. I hope I get selected !

meoome Verified • 3 years ago

No email as yet guessing I didn't make the team never mind look forward to hearing all your reviews and if anyone wants to send me the code I would love to order my own

Nastik921 • 3 years ago

Hope they will give me more confidence, hope they are working!

seductive2015 • 3 years ago

has every1 been choosen yet ent heard back

Josiew Verified • 3 years ago

Looking forward to these coming out, I’ve been saying for years that someone should come out with pants that could be worn during periods. And now body form have, they are the best brand in my eyes!!

gailimoff • 3 years ago

This looks like the kind of product that I need in my life. I would be very interested in trying these.

Shelby2020 • 3 years ago

I love ❤️ to trying out. Looks amazing good quality products very nice materials I love to shares with all me friends and Family ❤️✌️😘

Norster84 Verified • 3 years ago

I never seem to get choosen for any of these projects not sure why

Claruky • 3 years ago

I've been waiting to try one of these for a while but never sure if they were worth the money and how the quality would be. This is the perfect opportunity to try them!

HannahJo Verified • 3 years ago

Just got the email to say I have been selected! Can't wait to try these out! Always wanted to try period pants, time to end the stigma around periods! ❤

stephiroths.home Verified • 3 years ago

So excited to have picked for this campaign! I can't wait to get them and try them out! 💖

komqas Verified • 3 years ago

Got picked for the campaign, the first time in my life waiting for the product and periods to come :d

radhikataunk • 3 years ago

Got Picked for product testing. So happy ! To experience And share it with everyone. Thank you. LOL Periods awaited !

Siobhaneloise Verified • 3 years ago

Thank you for picking me, just received my underwear and I'm so excited to try them!