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intimawear by Bodyform™

Pants that let your body flow.

500 participants
Beauty & Personal Care
15/02/2021 to 16/04/2021

New intimawear by Bodyform™ trnd project

This time we are teaming up with Bodyform, and bringing you a very exciting project! You might have heard of period pants before and may have wanted to try them for a long time. Well, the time is here to be one of the first to try intimawear by Bodyform™, a new absorbent and washable underwear that will let your body flow!

We, who menstruate, have been using a variety of different products to get us through our periods. Add-ons can be a great, reliable way of feeling confident and secure during our period, but what if we told you, all you need is underwear?

Ready To Wear Ready To Bleed

With intimawear by Bodyform™, you can feel the freedom of popping on a pair of comfortable underwear (and nothing else) then letting your body do its thing. With its Tritech technology, intimawear by Bodyform™ is designed to keep you feeling secure and confident, so you can be ready for whatever life (and your uterus) throws at you!

intimawear by Bodyform™ - Let your body flow

Our goal

We are calling you to join the movement and encourage others to talk freely about their natural bodily fluids. Bleeding is normal; periods are beautiful and messy at the same time. One thing’s for sure, they are unique! So, let’s test the new intimawear by Bodyform™ pants and own our flow! Be one of the 500 lucky participants who will bleed, test and review these amazing new period pants.

Your to-do list:

  • Apply for the intimawear by Bodyform™ project on trnd.co.uk
  • Wait for your period to come and test the intimawear by Bodyform™ pants
  • Share the coupon code with your friends and family so they can get their own pair with 10% off
  • Share your pictures on social media channels with the following hashtags: #intimawearbybodyform, #letyourbodyflow, #trndproject, #gifted and don’t forget to tag @bodyformuk and @trnduk
  • Write a review and tell your honest opinion about the intimawear by Bodyform™ pants
  • Fill out the final survey

Your Starter kit

  • 1x pair of intimawear by Bodyform™ pants
  • 1x coupon code you can share with your friends
  • A trnd insider’s guide full of VIP information and handy tips

The application for this project is closed.


jwarda Verified • 3 years ago

Would love to try this.. would save a fortune in sanitary products if they actually do what it claims.

NicHunter Verified • 3 years ago

Intresting, not heard of these but would definately give them a go as more economical and hopefully provide more comfort.

Ammonitestars Verified • 3 years ago

I have been a lover of period pants for eighteen months, totally perfect for my marathon training runs at that time of month. Even more so since hitting peri menopause and finding the flow has doubled. Love the idea of these as they offer different colours and styles, my current brand are big and boring, they do a great job , but a little variety and style would be a real positive.

Ashleejane Verified • 3 years ago

I've just applied and I sooo hope to be chosen! I've been using period pants for three years now and I'm always on the look for the perfect one, and I haven't found it yet!!!

Emme78 Verified • 3 years ago

I currently use period pants but they are from America (couldn’t find any here that were any good). Would love to find some here that are amazing. Maybe these are them! I’d love to be chosen to try them out.

Ariella • 3 years ago

@Emme78 It would be interesting to see how the new intimawear by Bodyform™ pants compare to the brand you have been using! We have very high hopes 😇 Good luck to you! 🤞

OurLittleHomeSweetHome Verified • 3 years ago

Looks interesting, never tried any products like this so would be interested to see what they are like, would definitely save money in the long run if they are any good

CatMit Verified • 3 years ago

I’ve ALWAYS wanted to try period pants, just haven’t got around to it yet, this would be an amazing opportunity to try them out and see what I think. Xx

Everhopeful Verified • 3 years ago

Never tried period pants before but would love to try them out. Am a little sceptical but the concept is a great idea, plus it's far better for the environment and financially. They look very comfortable too.

Anaramma Verified • 3 years ago

Never tried period pants but, after coming off contraceptives (the implant), my periods are all over the place and there’s been a few times I’ve been caught out. Having something like this (if it lives up to its claims) in my bag could be a game changer

Serama-lady Verified • 3 years ago

Just applied for this project! I’ve thought about using these as a more eco friendly alternative to pads/liners that end up in landfill. However it’s the worry of embarrassing leaks or feeling “unclean” that has put me off... as they are made by bodyform they are a brand I trust so have really high hopes for these if I am lucky enough to join the team 🥰 x

Rihussain14 Verified • 3 years ago

This looks like a super trial. Period pants are looking like the next big thing. Would save me so much money, which I spend on sanitary pads/towels. Would be a fantastic opportunity if I get selected to trial these pants. Fingers crossed.

Ariella • 3 years ago

@Rihussain14 We certainly think that they are the next big thing and are very excited about this project! Good luck to you!

Sassylou • 3 years ago

Really hope i get picked, never used them before and would love to give them a try and give my opinion on them.

341745 Verified • 3 years ago

I'm so excited about this project, it looks amazing. I hope I'm chosen. I've been wanting to try these for a while now, so this project would be just perfect for me ! Keeping everything crossed !

velvetvee Verified • 3 years ago

I've never tried period pants before but I'm now persuaded to change and try these Bodyform ones. For me, Bodyform have always been so reliable and my go-to brand for period products. I'd love to be chosen and hopefully try and discover a new favourite, eco-friendly go-to period product!

Ariella • 3 years ago

@velvetvee We are so happy to hear that you love Bodyform, we are certain that you will love intimawear by Bodyform™ too!

Asu78 Verified • 3 years ago

I have never heard or tried Bodyform Intimawear, I am interested to see what they are like! Thank You

simo3945 Verified • 3 years ago

WOW I am looking forward to testing and reviewing this amazing new Intimawear pants by Bodyform, Hope i get picked this time

Ariella • 3 years ago


Fingers crossed!!! 🤞

fezab Verified • 3 years ago

Interesting project, Always wanted to try Bodyform period pants, would save me money too x

abofai Verified • 3 years ago

YES PLEASE. These comfortable Bodyform Intimawear period pants would save me money and Eco friendly, However i am just a bit worried about leakage

paradoxkitsune Verified • 3 years ago

If they do what they claim these would be amazing. They would surely save a lot of money on sanitary products and they also sound like they would be far more comfortable. It would be great to try these out.

Ariella • 3 years ago

@paradoxkitsune,They are definitely a comfortable way of owning your period! Good luck!! 🤗

Bmm90 Verified • 3 years ago

Definitely interesting to start using, I'd like a change from pads and tampons now

Chitt Verified • 3 years ago

Would love to participate in this project xx

Jayjay89 Verified • 3 years ago

Would love to take part in this! Ive never tried them before

Lady.slytherin Verified • 3 years ago

Wow would love to take part in this, what a great opportunity

Denfren Verified • 3 years ago

Interested to try these so much more environmentally friendly.

Lisaloobum88 Verified • 3 years ago

I am looking forward to testing these intimawear pants from body form, I feel these are going to be the way forward!
I cant wait to see how they feel
Fingers crossed I get picked x

Tigertindall Verified • 3 years ago

I’ve been wanting to try something like this for a while but along comes another period and without thinking I’ve bought the usual pads! My sister uses washable pads so I know for sure she would welcome a voucher for 10% off and try them. Fingers crossed.

KJTA1989 Verified • 3 years ago

I’ve been thinking about these for a while now but I’ve been really undecided. How do they actually work? Surely they’ll smell? Will they be like wearing a nappy? Lots of questions I’d like answering, so it would be the make or break if I was accepted to try these out.

tasherino Verified • 3 years ago

Would be so excited to be picked for this project, I've been a bodyform user for years but have been worried for the last couple of years about the environmental impact of pads so this would be ideal! I've always wanted to see if period pants work - I feel like this sort of environmental awareness is really spreading at the moment, especially in my friendship group, so fingers crossed!

angq77 • 3 years ago

Im really excited about the concept of these and really hope i get picked and they look like they'll get the job done discretely too

booboo05 Verified • 3 years ago

I really hope I get chosen to test these as I have been looking for a while for period pants but didn’t want to buy expensive ones if they didn’t do the job. I really worry what the usage/disposal of pads etc is having on the environment 😬

Hollylouise • 3 years ago

Having endometriosis, menorrhagria & dysmenorrhea I think it would be a god sent to have these for the extra protection instead of worrying and rushing to the nearest bathroom because of the severely heavy and excruciating blood loss which can’t be controlled using regular sanitary products available. I am awaiting my second major surgery for these conditions and these would be so useful & helpful!

Bexybeatdown Verified • 3 years ago

These would be an absolute life saver. Ever since I had my daughter, my periods have been all over the place and the idea of getting caught out around the time I'm due on is a constant worry, not to mention how uncomfortable some sanitary products/towels feel against the skin, plus the added expense can really take a toll on your finances when you're having to buy extra 'just in case' you come on early, only to throw them away at the end of the day, 'unused' because today just 'wasn't the day'.
Body form is such a trust worthy and established brand so if I were to try these out, I have the confidence that they won't let me down in my time of need. This is honestly such a fantastic campaign and I would love to be involved.

mpotts Verified • 3 years ago

Excited to use this for the first time! Hoping they fit well and are comfortable. I think they can be a good solution for me as I'm always struggling with the pads and I find they move a lot!

glb006 Verified • 3 years ago

I have tried to research a little about this, but all I found were very expensive... I’m looking forward to the project and to see how these change lives.

xDGx • 3 years ago

I've never tried period underwear but really keen to try them out. It would definitely be a game changer if I felt they worked for me.

Weekirsty667 Verified • 3 years ago

Would love to try these out I'm abit dubious so would live to be proven wrong

Mljarvis Verified • 3 years ago

I’ve never tried period pants. Do you wear them over normal underwear? I get heavy periods so interested to see if they work

modzy78 Verified • 3 years ago

I've used a menstrual cup for years but find it a bit tricky when I'm near the beginning and end of my period. I got one pair of period pants for Christmas to give me some protection then. I like them but would definitely be interested in a second pair. Then I might be able to use them on days I'm not working.

Julie1967 Verified • 3 years ago

Would love to try this product never heard of them before just normally head to my normal towels and tampons . We must all start to do our bit for the planet and this is a great way

Tuttifrutti Verified • 3 years ago

Period pants I’ve thought about previously but never been able to get my head around the concept of it, would be really insightful to try and test to see exactly how they hold up for a whole day. Especially when you know your due on, but then it’s a couple of days early , and it’s always for that time at work where your asking other colleagues if they have a towel or tampon in the toilet, this would be ideal as your not caught short, or having to carry tampons or towels in your handbag and occasionally at that one moment we have all been there, when they fall out at the exact wrong time.

g_isanurse Verified • 3 years ago

Very interesting idea! Because, women, we know what it means to bleed.. and be in pain, and feel uncomfortable, because of the periods. I've heard about the period pants before, but never had a change to use them. My hopes are high that it would change the pads and tampons game! ❤️

Lei_Loves Verified • 3 years ago

WOW, did not know these existed!! Where have I been 🤷‍♀️ I have been thinking about trying a menstrual cup but had heard of some compromising situations and vaginas swallowing them 😳 So this sounds more up my street & much more sustainable. Keeping everything crossed 🤞🙅‍♀️🧘‍♀️

Blot6 • 3 years ago

I'm really interested to try these, for myself I would really like something more sustainable and hopefully they will be more comfortable for my daughter who is just starting out with her periods.

Silverskater • 3 years ago

This sounds like a really interesting project.
I have been worrying about how horrendous pads and liners are for the environment so washable, reusable underwear designed for menstruation sounds great.
I’d love to have the opportunity to try this product and observe if they leak, are comfortable and breathable. I feel that if I am impressed with them then they could be a real game changer!

Freebies.12 • 3 years ago

This looks interesting i he been looking for the right ones for a long time now

Beautyflick Verified • 3 years ago

This is such a fabulous opportunity to try such a revolutionary product. During today's time, using environmentally friendly products seems to be the most popular trend & including such products in our lives can certainly save the planet as well as our hard earned money. I would be extremely delighted to be selected for this campaign to test out such a fabulous sounding product & want to see for myself whether they are really worth the hype or not. So here's hoping to get selected & all the very best to everyone🤞🤞

Sarahuxx Verified • 3 years ago

I’ve heard so much about period pants lately on social media and they seem too good to be true I’d love to be chosen for this project. Fingers crossed 🤞🏼

Gemster123 Verified • 3 years ago

So interested sounds amazing

Megancharlotte Verified • 3 years ago

I’m so eager to try these! Everything about my periods changed after my baby so it’s time to change up the sanitary wear too.

marieg1981 Verified • 3 years ago

Sounds very good. I hope I get the chance to test these out as I am always worried my pad would move around and I would leak! It makes me very nervous when I have been sitting down so these pants sound great.