Welcome to the intimawear by Bodyform™ project!

Have you received your confirmation email from the intimawear by Bodyform™ team? We are delighted to have you join the movement and to introduce you to your new favourite way of owning your flow!

Welcome to the intimawear by Bodyform™ project!

My name is Charlotte and I am here on behalf of Bodyform. I’ll be with you over the next four weeks, as you try out the new intimawear by Bodyform™ period pants. We’ve left plenty of time before asking your overall opinion about the pants, so that you can relax, wait for your period to come, and truly immerse yourself in the experience.

The new intimawear by Bodyform™ pants offer a newfound freedom to wear nothing but underwear during your period, so you can feel confident and free even when you are bleeding. While the pants are super absorbent, and can keep you secure for up to 8 hours, you might want to use it together with add-ons if you are experiencing a heavy flow.

Ready to bleed, ready to share!

Step 1: Share your excitement about #intimawearbybodyform

Share your unboxing vids and stories, the first snaps of your kit and products and boomerangs to Instagram using the hashtags #intimawearbybodyform, #letyourbodyflow, #trndproject, #gifted and don’t forget to tag @bodyformuk and @trnduk.

Once you're done, submit your URL links with the online reporting tool and record your contribution to the project!

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If you have been posting stories to your Instagram, don't forget to upload screenshots to the Photo Gallery!

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Step 2: Put your pants to the test

Once you’ve shared your initial excitement, it’s time to get testing! Let your period come in its own time and pop on your period pants.
You are not only here to test the product but also to help erase the stigma around menstruation! So put on your new period pants, pose for a picture, and tell everyone what you love about them!
We’ll be looking out for all of your social posts and shares and I can’t wait to hear what you think.

Excited to see all your shares,

Charlotte & the Bodyform team

@all: What are you most excited about for this intimawear by Bodyform™ project?