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In the past three weeks, we have received amazing feedback on intimawear by Bodyform™ from you guys. You have been posting on your socials and blogs, and expressing your thoughts in review form.

This project is not only important because we are spreading the word about intimawear by Bodyform™, but also breaking the taboo around periods. We wanted to show you a few amazing things that you guys have said:

“I am so amazed by the comfort and absorbance of this product. I have used washable period pads before, but unfortunately, those are not staying in the place and the thick wings are very visible if let's say you are changing at work in the communal changing room. It isn't a problem with intimawear because the absorbent pads are built in the beautiful underwear and not a soul will notice that I was on my period. I love how discreet it is and I can feel confident all the time!”

  • by trndster Barcsik.anita

“I just started to use it now on my first day of my period. It is super comfy, let me tell you!! I LOVE the fact, that I do not have additional stuff in my pants! I hated the tampons when I used them decades ago, and the pads are always moving, curling back, sticking to my bum, so they are just sooo not comfortable. Also I got inflammation every single time. So these pants I am loving so far, they look pretty on me and so comfy! I feel so amazing in them!”

  • by trndster Nitlily

We were also amazed by how many of you are happy to openly talk about periods and help others to feel comfortable! Have a look below:

“When I was a teenager, I was so embarrassed about periods, it was never talked about or discussed and as a result I suffered in a variety of ways. For the young people in my life, i don't want them to feel the same way, so if anything about periods crops up, I make a point of talking about it in a normal and relaxed way to show its not something to be embarrassed about, and that if they have any problems with their periods they can talk about it and seek help as a normal part of life.”

  • by trndster StarDreamer2000

We also would like to hear what your friends and family have to say about intimawear by Bodyform™.

In the comment section below, let us know what your pals said about period pants when you talked to them about your experiences.

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