You’re bleeding. So what?

Our bodies are as natural as natural gets.

They are not designed in a factory, or a laboratory, and although we get to know them pretty well throughout the years, they can still surprise us at times. Our periods are a natural human mechanism, and it’s a beautiful mess. There’s the endless spotting, the clots and the clumps, the sort-of-discharge, sort-of-blood, the ‘is-this-period-over-or-what?’, and everything in between.

Now, stop for a second.

How comfortable did you feel reading about, essentially, blood? Period-talk has come a long way, however, it still has a stigma around it. We want to encourage you to talk about your menstruation freely, just as comfortably as you’d discuss the last episode of your favourite TV series. Your body has its own beautiful flow, and it is definitely nothing to be embarrassed about, so let’s talk blood freely!

With intimawear by Bodyform™, a new absorbent and washable underwear, you can own your flow like never before. When we wear it, we don’t just feel good because it’s absorbent, comfortable and convenient, but we feel good because it’s a symbol of embracing who we really are. It’s designed to understand us and to help us enjoy our bodies instead of enduring the constant struggle to control them.

Understandably by now, you probably have your trusted method of protection during your period, which is brilliant, but perhaps it’s time to try something new?

How it works:

Intimawear by Bodyform™ pants are designed to keep you comfortable, secure, and confident even during your period, whether you use them alone or with a pad or liner. Intimawear by Bodyform™ combines Bodyform’s period care expertise, with the freedom of wearing nothing but underwear. Designed with TriTech technology, it consists of three layers:

  • a moisture-wicking soft top layer, that absorbs blood and moisture quickly providing a fresh feeling all day;
  • a super absorbent middle layer that holds your flow and odour securely for up to 8 hours;
  • and a leak-proof & breathable bottom layer providing security and airiness.

How it works

Remember, you are not alone with your period, there are literally millions out there experiencing the same (in their own way). Talking freely about menstruation can bring us closer and we can even educate one another! Join Bodyform in the movement and help us move closer to a future, where nobody feels ashamed talking about their period.

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