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200 trndsters will be joining KIKO's exclusive beauty party to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their iconic lipstick.

200 participants
Beauty & Personal Care
27/07/2022 to 13/09/2022

Celebrate a special KIKO birthday with the brightest, glossiest lips 💋

Do you love makeup and to try new products? Do you also love sharing your makeup looks to your socials? If the answer is yes, read on…


In this special trnd project we are looking for 200 enthusiastic makeup lovers who will receive a VIP KIKO starter kit to test, and then share their #WowKIKOmoments on Instagram and/or TikTok.

Join this EXCLUSIVE beauty party and celebrate KIKO’s big anniversary with new limited shades

There’s nothing like a brand-new lip shade to make you feel at your brightest and glossiest best. And, if that lip shade also happens to be a limited edition, two-step liquid lipstick by the iconic KIKO brand then you know you’ll be feeling brighter and glossier than ever.

Unlimited Double Touch, KIKO’s iconic long-lasting, two-step liquid lip colour is celebrating its 10th birthday with 10 brand-new shades. Perfect for boosting your smile, the two-step system combines a vibrant base colour with a high-shine gloss. This beauty wonder product is transfer proof (so say goodbye to lipstick stains on your collar) and has a 12-hour hold. Plus, the flocked applicator means achieving the perfect pout is easy. What’s not to love, right?

Your starter kit 🎁

An extremely lucky team of 200 trndsters will be selected to join the party and will receive the following project kit:

3x glorious shades of Happy Birthday Unlimited Double Touch

1x Maxi Mod Volume & Definition Mascara

1x Jelly Stylo Glossy Lipstick

A welcome letter

As a member of the project you will…

  1. …be amongst the first in the UK to get your hands on THREE limited-edition Happy Birthday Unlimited Double Touch liquid lipstick shades

  2. give your beauty regime a glow up with some new makeup goodies

  3. share your beauty hacks vids, WOW KIKO Moments, before & after selfies, thoughts and findings with your followers on IG or TikTok

  4. ...write a review on the brand website

The places will fill up quickly so if you want to be involved, submit your application now. It’s time to up your beauty game.

Interested? We thought so!

The application for this project is now closed.

@all: Are you excited to give your lips a glow up?

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Cs34 Verified • 15 days ago

Very exciting project really hope to be picked!

VeeVeeLoves... Verified • 15 days ago

Love makeup, especially lip makeup 😍😍
Excited to see whether I will be picked!!

Sophiepie93 Verified • 15 days ago

Ahhhhhh how exciting! Fingers crossed I get picked 🤞

Panda01 Verified • 15 days ago

This is super exciting, I love trying new makeup. I’m getting more confident wearing more colour and I love it. Fingers crossed 🤞 I get picked 🥰 good luck everyone x

Tib29 • 15 days ago

Super super excited for this project. Fingers crossed 💫

SkintGirlReviewer Verified • 15 days ago

Fantastic project with new shades. Its so exciting!!

neena Verified • 15 days ago

This looks like an amazing project! I really like the new shades!

sophieclaire Verified • 15 days ago

Wow! I’ve just the seen packaging has to be the most beautiful make-up I’ve ever seen 😍 Just amazing ✨ Good luck everyone 🤞🏽💗

SheyBV Verified • 15 days ago

Fab project!

Brionyr Verified • 15 days ago

Omg I must try this! I love showing off new make up 😊

Aurora889 Verified • 15 days ago

This looks and sounds amazing. I love doing different make-up looks and sharing them on Instagram with all my beauty addicted followers and friends. Fingers and toes crossed. Good luck everyone ❤

Luanda111 Verified • 15 days ago

wow this is the right project for me

Jess88 Verified • 15 days ago

I would love to be picked for this project, super excited.

Ruth112 Verified • 15 days ago

Super exciting 💄 💋

beccacooluk Verified • 15 days ago

I’d love to take part in this 🤗

Sunshine_and_glitter_Natz Verified • 15 days ago

What a fabulous project to be apart of! So exciting! Would love to be one of the selected ones to bring KIKO to the UK! Fingers crossed good luck all! #WowKIKOmoments

FluffyB Verified • 15 days ago

Oh my life. What an amazing project. Good luck everyone xx

Beautyblade Verified • 15 days ago

So excited to see this type of project come up. Would really like to try these out for my brothers wedding

Pinkassasin6721 Verified • 14 days ago

Fingers crossed as an older woman,it appears sometimes we never get chosen unless it’s for incontinence pads or something for aches and pains😂🤣 so fingers crossed we will see 🤪

Kay235 • 14 days ago

Would love to be a part of this project, so excited for this, would love to test kiko cosmetics :-)

LJHARDY Verified • 14 days ago

My lips always love a new Glow up and these look like they would make my lips very happy. Very exciting looking make up products, colours look great would be thrilled to try them out!

shaunsheep • 14 days ago

I’m perfecting my pout in readiness 👄

Eve123 Verified • 14 days ago

Really would love to be picked for this ..... :-) and do a makeup review on my tik tok give my lips a whole new pout :-) x x

nessalola • 14 days ago

Fingers crossed

Star-angel Verified • 14 days ago

Fingers crossed. My lips love a good gloss xx

Bellabee1204 • 14 days ago

Lol hope everyone gets the tester job good luck y'all

SamonaH Verified • 14 days ago

Just joined Trnd and looking forward to seeing if I get chosen for this project can't wait love puckering up my lips with a good colour on them Good Luck everyone 👄👄👄

MrDoug • 13 days ago

Would love to be picked, don't usually enter comps , but this looked too good to be missed

Aliburns Verified • 13 days ago

ohh these goodies look exciting!!

Asu78 Verified • 13 days ago

I love beauty products💄👄 Can't wait to start testing 🤞😍 THANK YOU for the chance

simo3945 Verified • 13 days ago

I love wearing glossy lipstick, This is a very exciting project, Hope i get selected this time🤞

fezaboowath Verified • 13 days ago

I have never tried KIKO cosmetics before💄 so hopefully this is my chance! Thank you for the opportunity xx

abofai Verified • 13 days ago

WOW what an amazing project - I am obsessed with make-up, so this would be perfect👄💄👄

Simpkins Verified • 13 days ago

Can anyone help..?! When applying for this amazingggg project, my Instagram disconnected from my account, and now I can’t get it to link back up.
I’ve submitted the help form and not heard back.

RutaCh2014 Verified • 10 days ago

Wish to be selected 🙏

Nluvmylashay30 Verified • 10 days ago

Fingers crossed…. Good luck everyone…x

Katrina1209 Verified • 10 days ago

Fingers crossed 🤞🏼 would love to be part of the team. Good luck everyone x

Asiandiva88 • 10 days ago

So excited LOVE KIKO! I use their lip products daily and a tinted moisturiser in the summer, hopefully I can share my review with other women and would be fab if I could represent for the 30s club; us millennials have come a long way from limited makeup products to a colour for every skin tone now. :-)

7ina79 Verified • 10 days ago

This is such an amazing project and I wish I can be chosen to test and try the new limited shades. Never used this brand KIKO before. I love trying out new products as am a makeup freak. Good luck to all the participants who have entered to take part in this product testing

Lashman26 Verified • 10 days ago

Can’t wait to find out if I have been picked. these look amazing. Fingers crossed everyone and good luck 🤞

dziosefina Verified • 9 days ago

I would be happy to be a part of this project. I love lipsticks and to be active,to share with others about Kiko brand

Prixurita Verified • 9 days ago

This is an amazing project, love KIKO products.

AdrianaV Verified • 9 days ago

My favourite makeup brand 😍😍

Raluca89 Verified • 8 days ago

I'm so excited about this amazing project! 🤞❤️😍

manshipdolphin • 8 days ago

id Love 2 Try anything @ all other Wesites say its a free sample ive got nothing ive sent off about 6 months ago & got Nothing @ all ?

Angelika.kokoszynska Verified • 7 days ago

So excited about this one 😍 really hope I'll get chosen for this one 💛

Dragunaite Verified • 7 days ago

I hope i would be picked. It would be good birthday present for me 😍

Famgirl Verified • 7 days ago

Fingers crossed

Codyjean52 • 7 days ago

good luck everyone , looks amazing !

Karolinablondi • 6 days ago

Good luck x