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200 trndsters will be joining KIKO's exclusive beauty party to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their iconic lipstick.

200 participants
Beauty & Personal Care
27/07/2022 to 19/09/2022

Want to up your social content game?

Whether you’re a Facebook fanatic, an Instagram enthusiast or a TikTok devotee, we’re here to tell you that there are ways to make your social posts pop.

Check our tips below to make the most glorious content and be in with a chance to WIN a £90 worth of KIKO bundle! It’s full of the most charming makeup pieces from KIKO that will glow up your entire makeup bag – we’re talking highlighter, blush, eyeshadow palette, eyeliner and so much more!


How to create engaging content for KIKO and win

All social media is visual so it follows that if you’ve got a great, eye-catching imagery, people will stop and take notice. Want some ideas? How about these:

• Do the KIKO makeup challenge to show your #WowKIKOmoments and share with your followers
• Shoot a beauty hacks video with your KIKO products
• Snap a series of before & after makeup photos for an IG carousel post
• Share a close up of your freshly applied KIKO makeup
• Show us how you apply your new KIKO lipstick

Ready to glow up your socials? Check our tips below!

  1. Less is more 😉

    Aim to use bright but natural lighting and minimal filters. If you’re inside, make sure the window is behind the camera so that the light naturally highlights you and your KIKO products. Make sure that the background is neat and tidy too!

  2. Be creative 📸✨

    Use your personal style to show your own #WowKIKOmoments! The final makeup look should always be well visible with a close-up on your face to highlight the WOW effect.

  3. Introduce the brand to your followers 💋

    If you’re shooting a beauty hacks vid show your new KIKO product to the camera and talk about why you love them, highlighting the best features of your new KIKO goodies. Make sure the KIKO branding and product names are visible (there’s no mirror effect!) and leave out any other brands.

  4. Add catchy music 🎶

    If you’re shooting a video, make the video editing on-beat with the music. Use covers of famous songs to avoid potential copyright issues. Shock factor is key! Try showing your followers quick transition from no makeup to final makeup look once the beat drops.

+1 pro tip: Hashtags
Whenever you post, don’t forget to use #WowKIKOmoments #KIKOMilano #KIKOLips #KIKOEyes #UnlimitedDoubleTouch #ad #trndproject and tag @kikomilano @trnduk

Want to know your campaign missions?

Then familiarize yourself with the Project Handbook and let’s get started on sharing those fabulous makeup creations.

Download the Project Handbook

Now it’s time to get posting and sharing your KIKO goodness with your followers, we can’t wait to see what you come up with.

@all: Have you already decided what you’ll share? Inspire your fellow trndsters by commenting below!


Aurora889 Verified • 1 year ago

That's so exciting. Thank you for selecting me . I can't wait to receive and test my product 😍

Gemmareed281 Verified • 1 year ago

So excited to be part of this campaign! I looove lipsticks - can’t wait to use this one! 😍💋

Asemahle28 Verified • 1 year ago

Thank youuuu so much for choosing me 🙃🙃 I can’t wait to make you proud

martynaguty • 1 year ago

I'm so so so excited! Thank you for choosing me to this amazing project. ❤️❤️

Lissakissa24 Verified • 1 year ago

So happy to have been selected! I can’t wait to try the lipsticks!

Antczak Verified • 1 year ago

I'm so happy 🤗🤗 I can't wait to try 😃 Thank you so much 🥰

Denfren Verified • 1 year ago

Yay received mine today can't wait to try them out !

HLM1996 Verified • 1 year ago

Received mine today, such gorgeous colours 🥰

Aurora889 Verified • 1 year ago

Received mine today. Such gorgeous colours. Thank you so much. Now to put them to the test and start sharing 💋 💄

Dorinka • 1 year ago

We can't wait to see your content! 👄

Barcsik.anita Verified • 1 year ago

Received my package and I cannot believe I got so many amazing full-sized products. I love the amazing colours! cant wait to get started

Danilou • 1 year ago

So excited! Received my package yesterday! Can’t wait to get it all out. So amazing at the detail gone into the packaging! Love them already!

Monika21 Verified • 1 year ago

I just received my package yesterday and I can’t wait to try them ! Definitely looking forward to use on my photo session 😊😊

Roxie1.tester1 Verified • 1 year ago

Anyone absolutely love the mascara? it's brilliant xxx

laserstorm Verified • 1 year ago

Absolutely loved the lipsticks and mascara, thank you

nickygibbo Verified • 1 year ago

So sorry for late reply I’ve only just received my parcel due to a Hermes delay but I’m super excited to be involved :)

justy Verified • 1 year ago

I have applied for it the same day, straight after ai received the email. Logged in as I haven’t heard and it states i haven't applied for it. What o_O

Sarahlsmakeup • 1 year ago

Loved sharing these products over on my insta and tiktok at sarahlsmakeup xxxxx

ValensChirico Verified • 1 year ago

The more I use these lip colours the more I love them. It's hard to find something that does what it promises, KIKO did with these lip shades.
Do you know that embarrassing situation when your lipstick sticks to your teeth? It can't happen with the unlimited double touch!

So happy, so relieved and so smiling!
Thank you for having me in this campaign! Grazie!!!