3 more tips to make your posts pop

In our last blogpost, we shared a few tricks with you to help with your creations, and now we have brought you a few more pro tips to make your posts stand out.

1. Put your followers first

Before you share anything, think about what your followers want to see. You’re great at sharing content, so stick to your usual rules to keep your followers engaged!

2. Tell a story and make it personal

Storytelling is the best way to get your point across. We don't mean "once upon a time…", but the story about why you love Lenor Outdoorable, of course! Include some context so people can see why you're happy to speak about it on your channel. We love a personal touch!

3. Authenticity

You have a unique voice, it’s why you have so many followers, so be sure to use it. When it comes to sharing your Lenor Outdoorable post, say what you really think.

Don’t forget to use the hashtags #OutdoorableFresh, #LineDriedInside, #trndproject, #gifted, and make sure you tag @mrshinchhome and @trnduk!

Get noticed!

Head over to our Wall of Fame (where your creations can end up, too), and get inspired by your teammates.

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