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Mystery project with Lenor

Mystery project with Lenor

Get ready to be blown away by Lenor’s new revolutionary fabric conditioner.

201 participants
Household Cleaning
27/01/2021 to 16/03/2021

Get ready to be blown away by a new Lenor fabric conditioner - coming soon!

Feeling the January blues with all this rain? Missing that outdoor freshness you get on a sunny day? A solution is coming your way... a product that will transform your laundry experience like never before!

This one-of-a-kind product is ready to launch and the team at Lenor want us to help! We’re on the hunt for an exclusive group of 200 trndsters who will help Lenor launch this top-secret product to the nation.

As an ambassador, you’ll try this product before anyone else, leave online reviews and then, when the time is right and the product starts appearing in stores, share your opinions and spread the news to your social media followers.

The product is still top-secret and we can’t even reveal its name just yet (you’ll have to apply to find out!). But what we can tell you is that there is no such product in the market and we’re pretty sure you’ll fall in love with it!

As a member of this ambassador team you will:

  • Try out this new product before anyone else in the UK
  • Publish online reviews
  • Wait until the agreed launch date and then share top quality posts on Instagram and Facebook

Our Starter Kit:

  • A leaflet to give you all of the info you need about the product
  • A full-size product to try

Interested in taking part?

The application is now closed.

We cannot wait to get started.

Do you have what it takes to launch this exciting new product to the nation?


Lei_Loves Verified • 3 years ago

Got everything crossed that I can join the team on this one 🤞

Julie72 • 3 years ago

My Instagram is julie.doylehomestyle

joanned Verified • 3 years ago

Hope I’m lucky enough to get picked, would love to try out Lenor 🌷💐🌺 xx

lorka Verified • 3 years ago

Fingers crossed

Mrxmas Verified • 3 years ago

hoping i can be part of this one

SherellAbbott Verified • 3 years ago

Fingers crossed 🤞🏻 x would love to be included x

Itsrachelanna Verified • 3 years ago

Would be so grateful to be included! Fingers crossed! Xx

Itsrachelanna Verified • 3 years ago

Also my YouTube is Rachel Anna

Mel.T Verified • 3 years ago

I've got what it takes

Misslaurakay Verified • 3 years ago

I'm sooooo excited for this!! Got my fingers and toes crossed!!

Instagram - Misslaurakayhome


Rainy • 3 years ago

I still not receive like my Lenor through the post Can you please send me an email for updates bout it please,

AnneMary • 3 years ago

@Rainy: the team will be announced today. If you have applied to this project, you will receive the results via e-mail.

Floodconn Verified • 3 years ago

What’s the email address it comes from anyone know I’ve got one from contact@Lenorpack not sure if it’s right or scam

AnneMary • 3 years ago

@Floodconn: this is not our e-mail address and it sounds like a scam! All our e-mail addresses end with @trnd.co.uk

Lillyyxxc Verified • 3 years ago

So excited for this 😍😍😍