It's time to fill in the final survey!

We’re officially at the end of our amazing project with Lenor Outdoorable and all that’s left to say is a huge thank you!

It's time to fill in the final survey!

We’ve tried Lenor Outdoorable before anyone else, left reviews and shared our thoughts to Instagram. But, maybe more than any of that, we’ve launched a brand-new product to the nation…

…and it’s been a huge success!

The team at Lenor have been delighted with all of your social shares and we hope that you’ve loved taking part.

Now, it’s your chance to give your opinion directly to the team at Lenor via the final survey.

Complete the Final survey!

One of the most special opportunities of taking part in a trnd project is the chance to have our thoughts and opinions on the products we love read by a member of the brand team.

Give my feedback to the Lenor team now

The survey will only take a few minutes to complete and it is one of the most important missions of the project.

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If you haven't reported all of your posts, make sure you report all of the posts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or even TikTok using our Online reporting tool! If you’ve been posting stories on Instagram, don’t forget to upload screenshots to the Photo Gallery!

@all: What have you enjoyed most about joining the Lenor Outdoorable launch team?