Time to get creative!

As part of our Lenor Outdoorable launch team, it's up to us to spread the word about this fab new fabric conditioner for those who really want line-dried freshness, no matter where they dry their clothes.

How to get noticed?

Sharing your creations is not only an essential part of being a launch team member but is a great opportunity for you to let your creativity shine through and introduce yourself to the world! On top of that, you can also be featured on our Wall of Fame for hundreds of other trndsters to see!

Mystery project with Lenor Thanks for the fab shots to trndsters Mommy_and_little_gabi, life_at_sams and martyschulz!

Create the perfect post

We are bringing you a few useful tips for your social media post to get as many views and impressions as possible:

  1. Get the light right

    First and foremost, pay attention to quality! Ensure good lighting, favourable angles, and a well-arranged placement of the product and props (no clutter).

  2. Consider your angles

    When it comes to still lives in particular, overhead shots can be very effective. Stand on a chair, put your Lenor Outdoorable in position, and see if you can achieve a great effect when shooting from above.

  3. Colour Code

    We're all about an aesthetic colour-coded feed. Pair your Lenor Outdoorable with a matching background, perhaps some of your matching clothes to show how brilliantly fresh they came out of the wash.

  4. Get descriptive

    Tell us why you love Lenor Outdoorable! Do your clothes feel like they were dried outside? Is this better than any fabric conditioner you’ve tried before? Whatever it is, tell your followers why you love it and use your caption to describe your washing experience!

P.S - don’t forget to use the hashtags #OutdoorableFresh, #LineDriedInside, #trndproject, #gifted, and make sure you tag @mrshinchhome and @trnduk!

Once you’re done, submit your URL links with the online report tool and record your contribution to the project!

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We can’t wait to see your posts!

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