Our fave posts so far ⭐

We’re about midway through our project now so it's the perfect time to choose some of our favourite posts. It’s not been easy because there are some brilliant posts on the #ReginaBlitzIt hashtag, but we’ve managed to whittle it down and chosen a few of our favourites. Let's celebrate these amazing posts now!

Oh, and don't worry if you didn't make it to our list this time, towards the end of the blogpost we gathered some tips, which can help you make your post POP! ✨

How to make sure your post is A*

We love the content that this amazing #cleanfluencer team has created so far! If you didn’t make it this time around then there’s still plenty of chances to get involved.

Here are a few pointers to make sure your post makes the A-grade:

🏡 Avoid showing usage that is restricted to your kitchen. Show off how versatile your Regina Blitz household towels are, in and around your house! (we love a bit of outside the box thinking)

🧻 Show the product in use and include the other unopened pack in shot too. But, please don't show competitor / other brands

🐱 We love pets, but try not including them on your social posts

✨ Make sure you refer to the product by its full name – Regina Blitz

📲 Use #ad, #ReginaBlitzIt #ReginaBlitz #WheresMyReginaBlitz and tag @trnduk in all social posts

💻 Don't forget to share your URL or screenshot with us too!

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Want to see what more of your fellow trndsters have been sharing? Head to your social channels now and search the #ReginaBlitzIt hashtag to see.

Don’t forget to keep sharing your posts too!

@all: What is your fave feature of Regina Blitz?